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Expected date of 30.04.2015, the project will be put into operation with hundreds of high-resolution cameras in most of the roads in the center of District 1 as: Nguyen Hue, Ham Nghi, Le Loi, Le Duan, Tran Hung Dao ... funds installing security camera systems initially estimated at 270 billion, to be taken from the funds awarded by the county central budget revenues in 2013 exceeded the target set.

Smart camera systems

Hundreds of cameras will transmit images to the command center of police District 1 images to classify processed. Smart camera systems will follow the command of the driver installation. Specifically, we automatically detect traffic violations cars (stopped, beans incorrectly specified), crime suspects harming public property (theft, robbery) ... Even the camera of the individual business units as bank finance, the gold shop, spot forex trading will also be connected to the command center image.

"When installed commands, operating the camera system detects cars stopped, beans than 5 minutes will be reported to headquarters for processing centers or prohibit any stop route, beans if the violation means the camera also reported. Immediately, the command center will notify patrols on the road, the force functions of the ward to remind or handling. Even the camera was able to glean the means of snatching bandit being chased on the streets and inform road patrols intercepted "a leader of the People's Committee of District 1 revealed.

In addition, intelligent camera system also has automatic navigation control system via traffic signal lights installed at the intersection. The camera can record traffic vehicle traffic along the route, area. Since then, the system of self-regulation system of signal lights at the intersection as appropriate to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles, not stasis jam, jam. After the project goes into operation, the government will continue to propose D.1 implemented a number of projects "super" smart to serve the traffic management. Specifically, District 1 will install electronic systems under the painted lines on the road at the intersection, mount the camera. When stopped waiting for the green light, if other means violating a red light, the system will automatically alarm and video cameras to serve the processing later.

Mobile Camera

In addition to a series of fixed cameras were installed, the project organization deployed publicly camera installed on cars, motorcycles Specialized road patrol of traffic police (Traffic Police), mobile police (CSCD), public security and order ... of county municipality or ward. According to the roadmap of the project, so far, of more specialized automotive Ward People's Committee, the ward of District 1 has been installed camera journey during patrol, handle violations. Looking ahead, the special use motorcycles of the Police, the Police District 1 CSCD will also be installing public cameras with similar functions. Especially, as stipulated in the work, if it detects that the driver of the means of violations, the Police officers and soldiers, CSCD ... must stand within the operation of the camera in order to avoid the negative.

However, according to an officer of the Road Traffic Police Department and Railway (PC67) - Ho Chi Minh City police, public security provisions of the Traffic Police are not required to make a record when standing in front of a car that stands somewhere upon guaranteed benefits for the inspection vehicle handling violations. "The purpose of the installation is a public camera to handle the legal basis for administrative violations, prosecute persons against people on duty, strength in the process of force and avoid negative function.

"At the meeting, leaders of Police had agreed to direct HCMC Traffic Police force, CSCD ... comply with criteria of the project is to make a record during the handling of violations, officials Police and soldiers, CSCD to stand within the operation of the camera ", Vice Chairman Le Truong Hai District 1 Hieu affirmed. Mr Hieu said, when the project is put into operation, the Committee will continue to recommend District 1 Police City to conduct a public installation of camera for Team Police Traffic Police force of Ben Thanh of PC67. Police team manager Ben Thanh major routes in the province should D.1 investment needs to be equipped like the Public Security Police Team Q.1.Noi the command center project this image, Mr Lam Thieu Quan, HCMC People's Council deputies, commented resource images from the camera system should be shared with relevant authorities, and in particular should have a connection, connected data. If the system software, the visual identity will be helpful in the prevention of theft, robbery ... For example, when the robbery on the street who had a previous conviction camera captures the mirror and transmitting the image of the command center, the criminal record is displayed in detail. The bankruptcy court will thus much more favorable.

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