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To prevent and avoid the intrusion of thieves first thing to do is to identify the key positions often we "notice" to have the optimum protection, the most economical cost of installing safety equipment ensure safety and security for your house.




Full refund thieves can unlock and strutted into by the front door of your house. The large arbor, gates or walls which helped on theft hard to detect by pedestrians or your neighbor.




If you have a garden side of the house should pay attention, because this is the location to attract the attention of a lot of thieves because they can be wool in without attention.




Window high though but a road in which the thief to be safe. The window is the place to catch the sun and wind into the house but also becomes dangerous when the thieves looked sideways. In older homes are often easily hacked theft because the windows were installed perennial that window is no longer as solid as before.


4. other door


The beautifully designed doors as doors or french style sliding glass door makes your house becomes a luxury, but a more modern location's easy to fall into the sights thieves. French glass doors smashed easily stolen and then reached into the open locks without wires a lot of noise. And some sliding glass doors can be stolen easily break with a cross-head screwdriver screws.


For those prone positions fall into the sights of thieves, you need to have effective security solutions:


- Installation of lighting sensors at key locations to help alert homeowners when someone simultaneously startled thief withdrew.

- Installation of surveillance system to help monitor and detect intrusion behavior anytime, anywhere even if you have nowhere to seek timely treatment measures. Psychological studies have shown that crime, the thieves are afraid camera surveillance system knowing will easily be detected or can not argue unseeingly offense even after the consumption of assets thief.

- Increased protection with doors are easy to break by installing multiple locks to open, install a metal rod along the groove of the door so that it becomes difficult to open from the outside, upgraded window system.


Hopefully the information I just shared help you take the best choice to ensure the security of their homes safely, most savings.

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