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In recent years the training and licensing examinations motorcyclist, cars get very much reflects the existence of negative or fraud. To improve the quality of training and driver licensing departments need to tighten management, offers many preventative measures and negatively fraud. 


At the training center should be provided to drive good equipment, the standards for teaching quality, process and test grading practice test, test theories of students have camera police records and photographs shown on public display for the students and teachers were observed. 


camera thi bằn lái xe


When conducting theoretical and practical examination will be arranged cameras record images to the contest so people will not have the status of implementation of households or household items, all tests of students will be monitored close, computerized management, participants will receive results immediately after finishing. 


thi bằng lái xe


The process of training and competition organized by the students level should be consistent and common rules for the different centers, students and teachers must be taken seriously, properly.


Thus the training of new drivers and the quality is really useful. The enhanced level of industry leadership and immediately checked to eliminate and correct the training facilities of inferior quality, negative existence.


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