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Currently, concerns about terrorism and rising crime has led to the use of security systems and surveillance cameras in the area and the market which had not previously thought of this technology is necessary. Expansion into new markets has led to the development of technology to meet the needs intelligent security systems and automated. Identify the behavior is one such emerging technology and will be used on the radar of the electrical contractor.

The behavior recognition systems (BRSs) or video analytics systems continuously check the camera images to study people and vehicles and determine whether they have to be a security threat .

"This is an emerging market quickly with significant growth potential," said Chris Brown, executive vice president at Check Video, Reston, Va. comment.

According to Forbes magazine, the reason for the rapid adoption of camera use behavior recognition technology is because it is difficult to intently watch a large amount of video in a long time, and with an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras in the US, which means that more than 4 billion hours each week recording.

"The video analysis system allows the use of the images obtained from the video camera and combines them with smart algorithms to determine the presence and movement of vehicles to assess the threat of real time, "said Chris Brown, executive vice president at Check Video, Reston, Va. pot.

Previous efforts with the desire to create video analysis techniques to verify rule acts have not been successful, Hobby Wright - vice president at BRS Labs, a software company headquartered Houston - said.

"A decade had been spent to research the experiments in video analytics including video recording; apply rules to it, such as geographic area, the type of object, direction, amount of time for a specified area, etc., and try to identify security threats. But BRS does not require the development of the rule, which focuses on machine learning algorithms (machine-learning) allows systems combined with video analytics and provides a smart solution in which it actually is capable of learning, just like a human brain, to recognize suspicious behavior and alert them to the appropriate person in real time, "says Wright.

In fact, the system of forming memories, building the models for them, and warn the security personnel of unusual behavior does not conform to the "memory of learning" (Learned memories).

End users will determine the desired operating parameters within the camera, as well as regional and regional schedules with the discovery. The system then sends a 10-second clip to the appropriate personnel when it detects activity that matches these specifications.

"End users can also set the system to coordinate with the alarm control panel, so that when an alarm is generated, the camera provides a video clip about this event," Brown said.



These municipalities and law enforcement is not the only ones interested in this technology.

"The retail market, commercial offices, condominiums, and housing for low-income people are seeing a huge rush of customers for this technology," Brown said.

These markets, with a population of mostly high density, has traditionally used security guards to maintain security. Intelligent video can help the building owners reduce the number of employees needed to protect the space, or when combined with remote monitoring services, can totally do not need to guard along with error protection to which employees may be exposed to as well as reduce the cost of security. The construction work is also an important market of this technology, Brown said, because the smart cameras with video analytics software - capable of expanding to an unlimited number of cameras - can eliminating the necessity of the fence, and this camera is portable, can be displaced according to the progress and development of the facility.

The EC (electrical contractor) can promote this technology as an effective way to use the camera in order to protect property and people. In addition, the video surveillance system intelligent opens a great opportunity for recurring revenue to provide unmatched previous names.

"These suppliers have the opportunity to combine video with a monitoring service to cater to customer security, business optimization, and the security services remotely and can negotiate the percentage of expenditure pay a monthly fee for central monitoring company, "Brown said.

Vendors must understand that their customers can start or change the number of artificial intelligence inherent in the BRS.


"However, when providers are familiar with this technology can prove its efficiency and allay any fears," says Wright.

Customers should also be wary of the price of such Smart camera, but the units that cost up to $ 1,200 in three years ago, can now only about $ 500, depending on the quality of the camera and sections its detection software.

"Vendors have thought a few years ago the market is too expensive, certainly should review at this time," Brown said.

In addition, industry organizations such as the Association Warning Center (Central Station Alarm Association) are beginning to write down video service standards and addressing privacy issues, such as the use of video in court and in the work environment.

"However, as long as the user when the system of property ownership and the sea are full of warning that the video recording is being made, liability relating to privacy are mitigated" Brown said.
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