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CCTV installation for pharmacies

One source we learned that starting from 05.01.2014 all medical centers, hospitals, health care facilities will be equipped with CCTV. On the other hand, as we have said any kind of retail or health care facilities should have CCTV for a number of reasons. Pharmacies are more expensive goods and items of high value, and that makes security becomes more complex.

Surveillance cameras pharmacy

The purpose security camera installation for pharmacies:

- Protection of sellers and customers from harm, prevent crime, illegal activities.

- Observe the behavior of employees in drugstores. Surveillance camera system will give shop owners know their employees to work effectively or not, is the first hard worker ...

- Protect the store at night, prevents intrusion intention of criminals stealing. The camera can be observed in the dark and continuous recording should any questionable signs are cameras recorded.

- Enhance credibility and give confidence to customers to drugstores, all things are possible when the camera should record something happens, then just go back camera to solve the case.

- You can go away, or manage multiple pharmacies because the system simultaneously supports remote viewing camera, you just need a computer, laptop or smart phone is that you can open the camera view at any time.

When you decided to install surveillance camera systems for pharmacies, you should consider a few things such as: The size of your store, installation location, the location where you want to observe eg counters , parking, drugstores ...
If you have a need we will send a team of technical experts to the site to survey and measurement before designing the system.
- Design and construction of CCTV systems on demand
- Construction and installation quickly even in difficult conditions.

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