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Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank branch Xining is the main unit of the state with the financial characteristics of the Tay Ninh province, the security work for the important areas such as entrances, treasury, a particular transaction and security for ATM system is always of primary concern in the words director Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank branch Tay Ninh Vietnam said in the meeting with Vietnamese Polytechnic.



As a fledgling business but was fortunate to have the bank agreement, JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam had the opportunity to collaborate distribution and installation of equipment for the entire project included:


- Develop security system for the headquarters of the branch

- Provide security equipment: Camera surveillance, alarm equipment, fire alarm equipment

- Installation of security systems


Vietnam's Polytechnic distribution company specializing in the installation of security equipment leading in Vietnam including camera surveillance system, sound system, recording equipment, bell-shaped door, fire alarm equipment, telephone ... .Bach Science Vietnam unit is put quality and customer service on top and proudly received great support from customers familiar. Hopefully there is a lot more support from new customers. Try and feel the quality and service of our Vietnam Polytechnic.


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