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Installation of CCTV in Bus line

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC. HCM) has started implementing the project installed surveillance cameras in 2,700 buses grace has been operating across the city. There are many readers expressed this very important though, but not out of concern about the practicalities of such a plan.

TP. Current HCM get 107 buses, of which 32 did not support the price line. Based on the plans of the Board and executive management of public passenger transportation TP. HCM, with many buses investors also need to renew CCTV assembly in accordance with regulations issued.

Quite a number of people sharing urgent and inadequacies of the status of bus routes on the pages and social networks. Specifically:

Bich Thuy (Thu Duc district., HCMC), said: "The most pressing thing that is the attitude of the driver with a bus attendant. Very crowded think of himself as" king in the car, "so keep sharp crossly with anyone, it's especially students, are most visible at the bus driver 30. flights 99 are running very fast and extremely reckless, especially in the segment areas B KTX station, City National University Ho Chi Minh International University. "

"Many students just in the car, not promptly remove the mask to provide a student card, then tore the ticket attendant for the average normal win. With drivers running and zigzagging swinging or make a lot of people are standing as tumbling while door is open, "Thuy said.

Ms. Nhu Mai (Binh Thanh District, HCM CITY) also said to the room service attendant attitude on many trips unfriendly, even is impolite.

Himself was the bus ride regularly so he Manh Dinh (Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, HCMC) seems familiar face with objects or playing games online pickpockets in passenger cars 20.

Another case with him that's Dinh common driver, attendant loud quarrel with unknown passengers as they give way so stop asking. When the driver has "cold war" with the ticket as fidgety passengers in psychological discomfort affecting both jobs.

Nhat Le (student University of Social Sciences and Humanities - National University of TP. HCM) per day need to take a bus from Thu Duc to District 1 and vice versa, introduction: "I still frequent the theft along with pickpockets on the car; driver, attendant pick reproached irritability or passengers, the driver more in late so give statutory pay station or passengers not to the station, a few people still smoke in the car. "

Charter said on many bus number 8 or 33 passengers cramming often to the point that people should have to jostle to breathe. Many other buses such as 19, 53 to go to the station at Ben Thanh, hawkers jumped offerings, annoy passengers without seeing anyone to deal with.

The need to do is mount CCTV on the bus transportation business support test yields, improve quality to meet, limited anti-theft with harassment.

Based on Mr. Manh Dinh, the first effects of the problems associated CCTV is the psychological impact on the people in the buses do operate are adjusted in a positive direction.

Ms. Nhu Mai accepted, mounted surveillance cameras will lower very rude behavior, culture, reduced employee frustration situation, treat and grumpy passengers, restrictions pickpockets, sexual harassment.

Huynh Phuoc Hiep lawyers (bar association TP. HCM) reviews plans to install high-CCTV for buses. According to the Agreement, it is the best job to keep track of all behavior on the bus. The camera is a tool for investigating the function forces the violation evidence until the report of the public, in order to avoid previous cases seen here although Foul however can not handle by lack of evidence. Status driver dropped handlebars to wear recent account comes from one camera video to be recorded.

Bui List Union - Transport Association Chairman auto Hanoi, said that in principle, the need to install CCTV and monitoring work on the bus is necessary. Similarly in families, workplaces, streets, this is the type of supervision other people, passenger track officials, institutions and organizations to track backwards passengers.

A transport cooperative leadership 19/5 (HCMC), said unit has been actively installing a camera test for the first-line along with 52 vehicles. Answers to the first time the event has resulted in less passengers were pickpockets, control the behavior of the driving response.

Based on the photos, the unit has a little bit processor-related issues for petty theft or the vehicle does not receive active attendants serve its not that great.

"The company itself, though the investment cost money but we see there is a job to do," the said.

Bui List Lien said that in principle is very good though, but to enter the actual time necessarily note two things:

In terms of equipment, must have chosen the standards, technical requirements, installation How to take effect, avoid installing rampant cases, of unknown origin led to not achieve as case monitoring device fitted recent journey.

The issue of concern is that second processor. Doubts have explained, CCTV had any effect, who is the processor until a reflection, how treatment? If not, issues of concern to install CCTV is just a formality.

Huynh Phuoc Hiep lawyers agreed: "that's Camera tools, information coming from the camera will just data, if we do not use it appropriately similar requirements scrap heap. The bus ride Seeing what discontent should have reflected to methodically solve. be proactive to speak, a new functional company uses the information from the camera in order to satisfactorily resolve the matter ".

Bich Thuy said that the numbers and place the camera is mounted to ensure full recognition events, avoid it is only effective when the crowded bus.

Must have channel for people to reflect and agencies must learn to explain and then fed back. What people need to know that the response to his reflection to where to go or not to be.

Manh Dinh Anh said that in addition to the audit that the camera periodically after each bus route to station, should take measures to verify directly, online all the time to process so many cases as quickly as possible.

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