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Currently most of the developed countries of the world there exists a problem of security and Vietnam are among the countries with many vices as theft, robbery, even though the government has tightened security issues strengthening institutions theft prevention but frequent phenomenon that has taken place. The unit of social order is not enough forces to protect the people 24/24 hours. To prevent theft phenomenon robbery of personal property, family, company, to assist the security forces, the family, or go to the company equip your family or a company anti-theft security system to ensure the security of physical assets for your family or your company.

Why the system must be equipped with anti-theft camera? The benefits of CCTV systems Burglar which we list below will surely bring you satisfaction when using this service.

1. The benefits of CCTV for family 

- Your little family and often away from home or on the go, the time away from home you do not feel secure in their homes, worried about theft and security issues in your home makes you lose focus in job. Although the system is equipped with a lock tight but with unlocked technology of today's thieves are still not bring safety to your home. These will no longer worry when you install equipment for your home CCTV system. The site was first CCTV system will help you to relieve all this trouble. You can watch your house at any time via phone, thanks to the computer via the internet observation camera system.

- If your family has young children, you do not feel secure in their own homes at times when you go away from home, miss you and want to observe your child at home watching the stars, why khonglap put right CCTV ? With CCTV system you certainly will not be because you can watch me anytime. 

The benefits of CCTV brings to your family why you are not right for your family installed a CCTV system, right? 

Vietnam Technology Technology Company, specializing in CCTV Installation, feature mgr: travel, location on map, gasoline, mileage, speed ..., via satellite, internet, price competition, genuine products, long-term BH-use site. 

2. When the CCTV installation company you get the benefit?

- CCTV is one powerful security guards are effective in protecting families and businesses. 

- You are a manager, you are difficult to manage staff? asset management? It is difficult right? 

But with one camera system - only lost one costs very little - you are completely comfortable with managing their 

- Manage staff, urged workers 24/24 - thereby avoiding gossip, negligence in work hours of employees - increasing productivity 

- Anxiety is an intruder, loss of company assets - surely not. The camera system will help protect your assets 24/24 

- Monitor employee activities that are not necessarily present in the company, through the factory screen TVs, Laptops, Phones ... 

- An investment of more than a bargain for any company - Put 1 which grossed 10 

3. CCTV solution anytime, anywhere for now 

A CCTV system complete, assurance of quality, if designed and installed cameras sciences. Helping our customers save time, costs and promote the highest functionality, efficiency. 

JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnamese staff with extensive experience in the field of supply and installation of CCTV systems for companies, offices, schools and families. We have security and asset protection for many agencies and families. 

The process of installation of our CCTV: 

- Meet customer installation site survey. 

- Provide solutions, quantity and type of CCTV appropriate 

- Design maps, installation location, safety cables 

- Staff and installing CCTV. 

- Supervise and inspect the construction process, installing the camera. 

- Test image, angle finishing the installation of CCTV. 

- Carry out handover and guide customers to use. 

Function of CCTV systems: 

- Observe the 24/24 even in the dark. 

- Archive data from 1 week to 3 months, you can review whenever you want 

- View over the Internet from anywhere with a computer, phone thoaiVoi CCTV system your, you can: 

- Directly supervise all activities on the TV screen, computer. 

- Monitoring and supervision through the Internet. 

- Supervision over the phone like iPhone, Android phone that augments, Windows Phone, ....... 

- With a staff of professional, enthusiastic and experienced in the implementation of projects, large and small across the country will bring satisfaction to our customers. 

- Source plentiful, many categories to meet the demand for quality, price and service. 

Guest wishing to install CCTV please contact us to get the biggest incentive 

JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam 

Number 09 - Gate 40 - Phan Dinh Giot - Hanoi 

Phone: 04.3868.8822 




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