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BKV specializes in providing CCTV equipment, camera accessories, prestige and quality - CCTV Installation in Hai Duong area meet every customer's needs. 

The process of installation of our CCTV include: 

- Surveying the camera installation position.

- Advise client solutions, quantity, location and type of camera best suited. 

- Design drawings and camera positions installation of CCTV wired line. 

- Installation of CCTV.

- Supervise the construction and installation of CCTV. 

- Check the entire system before handing over to the customer. 

- Guidance handover using CCTV systems for customers. 

- When that customers can preview the next, watching over the internet via mobile phone watch. 

The system installed CCTV after entering user must meet the following criteria: 

- The image clarity 

- Observe the day 

- 24/24 operating system 

- Information to be transmitted over the network to the client security 

- Always connected, uninterrupted viewing online 

- CCTV can be combined with alarms to alert people in charge know if incidents such as CCTV thief cut, damaging the camera action. 

BACHKHOAVIET.COM with technical staff experienced and high sense of responsibility to ensure to bring customers a CCTV system to ensure quality for the most reasonable cost, and long warranty. 

You need to buy or install CCTV in the area of ​​Hai Duong. Please contact the address below for advice can assist our customers with a quality security system the most complete protection, providing you with the most complete injustice. 

For further information, please contact: Company equity security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam, address: No. 9 Lane 40 Phan Dinh Giot, Hanoi. Tel: 04.38688822. website: 


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