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Installing CCTV in the area of ​​Hoang Mai - CCTV installation asset protection , human safety by installingcamera systems in the home , factories, companies , schools ... in the area of Hoang Mai reputable quality with reasonable cost to ensure convenience in use .The installation process includes CCTV:

- Survey of the camera installation position

- Advise customers to install cameras to observe the most appropriate location

- Top measures the quantity and type of camera to use ,

- Design drawings and installation position camera CCTV wired line

- Solution and installing CCTV

- Installation of CCTV

- After construction and installation of CCTV will teach generation consoles using CCTV to customers

- When that customers can preview to see over the internet via mobile phone watch

The system installed CCTV after going to the criteria used to reach :

- Picture clarity

- Observe the day and night

- The system works 24/24

- Information to be transmitted over the network to the client security

- Always connected , uninterrupted viewing online

- CCTV can be combined with alarm to alert the operator if the managing incidents as CCTV thief cut , camera damage action .

With these criteria will give customers the most satisfied

JSC security equipment " Polytechnic Vietnam " specialized design consultation , installation of CCTV solutions provide CCTV installation in Hoang Mai area with many kinds of genuine products of good quality , variety of configurations , features that will meet the needs of our customers.

Bách Khoa Việt with a team of experienced technicians and high sense of responsibility to ensure to bring customers a CCTV system to ensure the quality with the most reasonable cost , and long-term warranty.

lắp đặt camera quan sát

You need to buy or install CCTV in the area of ​​Hoang Mai . Please contact the address below for advice can help customers have a security system security best quality finish, providing you with the most complete innocence .


For further information , please contact: Company equity security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam , address : No. 9 Lane 40 Phan Dinh Giot, Hanoi. Tel : 04.38688822 . website :

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