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Why need a CCTV system in Banks?

Banks are among the few places in the world where security becomes the first necessity than any other. It is where everyone, from businessmen to common men place their money to be safe and invest. Due to the same reason banks are more exposed to robbery, fraud, and to name a few. A CCTV camera system installed in and out of the bank property can readily ease and increase the security of the bank.

At Reliance Networks, we have provided our CCTV solution to numerous Banks in Sri Lanka. We can setup CCTV cameras in very crucial places of the bank including entrance, counters, lockers, parking, and ATM sites. This can help you monitor all areas from one place with ease.

Our CCTV can work in combination with other security system, including motion detection, facial recognition. This makes the system to be more efficient, more secure and less easy to operate. And allows easy detection and reporting of any suspicious activities.

Benefits of CCTV in a Bank

Prevent robberies – Banks are certainly a big target for criminals looking out for a big-payout. CCTV cameras can help you spot suspicious activities inside bank and prevent any trouble from occurring.

Crime investigation – Security footages from CCTV cameras have been a valuable evidence in bank following robbery, fraud, and other criminal investigations.

Prevent check fraud – Advanced video surveillance technologies such as facial recognition, high resolution image will help bank prevent check frauds. CCTV cameras record transaction data and capture offender’s image. This information can later be used to identify criminals and protect customer accounts.

Prevent ATM frauds – We can install discern cameras close to ATMs which record customer activities. This will help to detect unauthorized ATM withdrawals and identify criminals.

Integration with alarm systems – Our CCTV solutions can work in integration with other bank security system. This enables a much higher level of protection with ease in operation.

Continuous surveillance – Bank security cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, providing protection outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs which are accessed by customers 24 hours a day.

Other benefits includes,

Coordinate information from multiple locations

Intelligent functionality

Digital storage

Enhanced customer confidence

Remote access


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