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3G Camera is the alternative for systems where the camera moves continuously or local network can not reach.

Along with the development of the telecommunications network, and the latest 3G networks have been widely covered. Cameramienbac also applied new technology into their security systems to meet new demands - 3G camera system. Enables remote monitoring over the network without regular internet system.

1. About the 3G camera system                                        lap dat camera

This 3G camera system is almost a normal camera system but it is specifically designed for the purpose of using 3G technology . The system includes :

- 3G DVR : DVR designs can be 4, 8 , 16 channels , including the integrated memory card slot ( support up to 32G ) and 3G sim slot .

- 3G Camera : This camera is dedicated exclusively designed to be compatible with the recorder

- GPS Module : with the task of locating the position of the subject being observed from the camera

- Antenna : used to obtain 3G signal provided by the telecommunication network .

- Other accessories : recording mic , headphones

2 . Application of the 3G camera system

With advantages can move easily , this system is used quite extensively

- Installation on cars with the aim of monitoring the route , vehicle monitoring and control of the means of . This system is sort of a combination of both positioning systems and surveillance camera systems itinerary . It enables you to transfer images directly , positioning vehicle at any place you want to monitor . ( For example, the amount of bank truck , the truck values ​​, rental car .... )

- Installation in areas where local networks are not able to get internet : mountainous, remote region , rugged ....

- At the place where application or need to move , hard wiring ....

3 . Some other 3G camera

Above Cameramienbac introduced the 3G camera system basic ( equivalent analog camera system ) . In addition, we also have other products easier to use 3G camera ( the camera was almost out IP ) with integrated camera that records do not always directly through the recorder and battery . Extremely compact.

                                                  camera quan sat


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