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The investigators cautioned not to regret the money invested high quality camera that can identify the perpetrator clear if happens looting, theft of property, prevent the camera image quality too dim not help the investigation process, solving crimes.

Related to 2 persons in the villa's exorbitant coffee processing facility Huu Khanh (Highway 1, Ward 2, town of Cai Lay, Tien Giang province), on 29-1, a source said Ministry of police and Public security Tien Giang province has portrayed the suspect through video surveillance cameras extracted from the villa.

Costly information

On the morning of 24-1, Luong Van Dau (born in 1949) and Nguyen Thi Nam (born in 1953, his wife Circus), his parents all coffee production facilities Huu Khanh was dead in bed in the upstairs 2 villas with cuts on his neck from a sharp object.

According to the original, highly suspect nearly 1.7 m, the sick, with bushy eyebrows, short hair. When the crime, the suspect wearing a wide-neck outside, wear shoes and wear a mask. Sources said that this object climbing walls in the villa, then broke into the house from the rear. A video also shows the suspect smashed the door and was very casually. On coming out, he was holding the bag.

Photos from camera suspects
Photos suspects are outlined from the camera. (Photo provided by the police)
Meanwhile, Township Police Tan Uyen, Binh Duong province continue tracing 29-1 Day 4 participants at the gold shop robbery Huynh Hoa (Hoi Nghia Commune, Tan Uyen town) on the afternoon of 28-1. Police seized a video camera mounted at the extract from the gold shop and screening according to the identifying characteristics suspects from footage. However, a police officer said quite blurry camera segment, the resolution is not high, the suspect wearing a mask so hard to identify.

According to Mr. Lam Minh Dieu, the gold shop owner Huynh Hoa, from camera footage showed the robbers stormed the store volume, holding two hammers banging on the glass, pour gold until escaped less than 30 seconds; outside there are 2 other objects on a motorcycle waiting. The first robber to wear blue jacket, skinny little figure; Next name dressed in white, thin but also higher. "Looks like the first name deliberately avoid going deeper into cleaning up the camera, I saw it go meniscus meniscus rather raised his face" - said Mr. Noble.

In this case, a camera of the People (opposite the gold shop) has recorded 2 robbers walking scene from afar and entered the gold shop. Nearly 30 seconds later, two motorcycles two other objects by putting two robbers pulled up escape. The camera determines 1 of 2 car robbers use Exciter type of white - blue.

Professional camera secretly

According to a police criminal reconnaissance Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, in the complex area of ​​Thuan An town, police have mounted a number of professional cameras. Thanks to this system, the police several times to catch criminals. In early 2016, Ms. Huynh Thi Kim The (SN 1973 Country Tho) police report about being two young men running motorcycle pressed, chain snatching. Criminal forces extracted professional camera mounted on road and identification, arrest suspects, Nguyen Van Truong (born in 1990) and Tran Anh Duy (born in 1988, lived with HCMC).

Cameras mounted on the toll station is also very beneficial in identifying criminal damage. As provided by the contradiction comes from debt, a target group living in HCM City has injected power and left 2 people dead victim's body in a barrel sponge, throw rented truck near cemetery Lai Thieu (Thuan An town ). Witnesses near the cemetery to remember the time of foam tank trucks to leave the cemetery and car design, but do not remember the number plate. After ripping the camera at the toll station near the Mr. Dad, visible police traced a license plate and driver. From the driver's testimony and evidence, the police caught the suspect group.

Last time, in HCM City had a series of cases in which the suspects were security cameras, traffic recorded. For example Vo Thanh Quang service (SN 1990, Kon Tum country) was a girl stabbed to death in the Democratic rotation (District 3, HCMC) at 24-10 or scuffle in the hotel A dark Lượm 3- 12-2014 at Linh Trung ward (Thu Duc district) as a stuntmen mortally wounded.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Ngoc, Deputy crime investigation police social order city police, the forensic assessment and management of security and order situation through the camera was great pressure to reduce staff, and soldiers Oh.

However, the camera system mounted by local people was the "eyes and ears" wide. "Knight" Nguyen Thanh Hai said that in 2015, people gave him dozens of clips extracted from cameras on the scene thief or store to grab assets. Thus, he caught at least 10 thieves.

An experienced investigator at the Pacific shared the gold shop robbery case in Tan Uyen town as well as many other services, video recording too blurry. At this time, the investigation agency would hire artists to draw the portrait, figure of the suspect. The artist's brush strokes are mainly based on the image from the camera. Also, drawing also on the testimony, the witness described. Investigators recommend that the business location, especially for gold, should not regret the money invested high quality camera because the camera resolution as possible, the suspects portraits redrawing the more detailed, better service for solving process.

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