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What is anti-backlit camera? What is BLC? What is WDR?
1. Anti-backlit Camera is what?
CCTV affected by sunlight, electric light, vehicles .... if not integrated camera features backlight control will obtain the images of the animals glow bright glare while other surrounding landscape was dark again. The camera also features backlight control will be able to reallocate the light to create one frame relative to the viewer can observe a normal image.
Cause occurs is backlit: CCTV unlike the human eye, the camera's image sensor only has to be the default colors available. So when we put the camera in the dark and the camera turns out to observe brighter area where the camera will be backlit phenomenon. Therefore it should be noted when we mounted the camera to set the camera so that reasonable avoid directly facing the light
2. What is BLC?

- BLC stands Blacklight Compensation - roughly translated function "Exposure compensation" to cover the camera's light rays less on the frame. Be regarded as a solution to handle anti-backlit status.
3. What is WDR?
- WDR Wide Dynamic Range stands - light balancing technology. Is considered to be an effective solution to handle backlit status of camera, giving a clearer picture of the conditions in the light intensity is very bright spot unstable, very dark place.
- WDR camera has been designed to recognize the light of each region to coordinate frame most harmoniously.
- WDR feature allows you to have the ability to customize the contrast according to the environment in which you mount the camera. However, this feature is only available on some lines and some lines IP camera AHD camera.
- WDR is usually recommended in cases of light coming into the room from different angles such as through multiple windows. A camera placed in the room will be able to look in the opposite sunlight shines or an artificial light source toward it. If a security camera in the room was turned toward the window or the door travel, the WDR feature it will see the image behind the door throughout the day. This is very common in the use of windows throughout.
4. What is DWDR?

- DWDR stands for Digital Wide Dynamic Range - this is a feature in the image processing has been used to capture and digital to adjust the picture. This feature is different from the WDR
- WDR sensor feature directly on the camera chip. DWDR the technical editing features on the frame.


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