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Gate is the entrance to the house regularly or your company, the port access control is essential. Video door phone screen makes it easy to manage a house or your company without spending time and effort can still see all the activities going on. Market doorbell screen is very diverse in design and quality. 


chuông cửa có màn hình


A screen door bell include: 


_ Doorbell camera mounted outside the gate to collect sounds and images. 

_ Display mounted in the housing so that the image is transmitted to the monitoring and observation 

_ Key words used to control the opening and closing. Can also add a number of parts such as redundant power, Interphonr, the camera connection ... 


How the shape of a doorbell: 


 - Visitors to the shop will call click on the doorbell camera mounted outside the gate. 

- Doorbell camera to record images and transmit signals on the secondary monitor Blackout central image and signal bell cokhach landlord. 

- The owner came to the screen to see if the client wants to talk to the press the talk button (phone icon on the screen) to connect.- After discussion if you want to invite guests to the host will open button (the lock icon on the screen). Course will be open to visitors from inside. 

- After the visitors went in and shut the gate, the lock will automatically lock from the gate. 

Also Polytechnic Vietnam also offers CCTV, smart home devices and locate ... 


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