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- Does your business secrets are revealed?


- You exposed the personal information?


- You are being given the wrong track?


- You're suspicious that someone was bugging in cars, work room, your bed? ...






Protect yourself by yourself detector wiretapping, filming secretly CC308 +, the latest equipment and unique in all kinds of devices with the same function.


Equipment CC308 + activities based on the transmission of audio data, video over frequency GSM, RF emitted by the device to eavesdrop remotely (which have sim phone attached to), the camera is capable data transfer via wifi.


In addition, the CC308 + will help you discover the type of camera, hidden camera LED super bright red, looked at through the lens of CC308 +, you will see a spot of light that is the eye camera you are looking for.


Wiretapping detector CC308 + activities like:


- When tapped, the camera wifi that works, the device detects wiretapping CC308 + would cry out or vibration, and flashing lights with intensity depending on your location than the object device is offline Red beans.


- Equipped with LiIon battery 500mA, continuous operation time up to 6 hours to detect hidden camera eye and up to 15 hours to detect eavesdropping, wireless devices ...


Note: Equipment CC308 + UNABLE discovered recorder (as those that only audio recording and save the spot, not transmitted by electromagnetic waves).


1. Detect hidden camera with laser light and lenses:



- Press the button before the device Laser in sect. Infrared laser light will begin flashing.


- Use a light beam scanning device around the room where you feel doubt have placed hidden cameras secretly. Also observe the eyepiece of the device.


If your interior a bright appearance of light flashes on the eyepiece of the device, in which one lens hidden camera secretly filming.


2. Detect wireless listening devices:



- Slide the switch turn on the device, you select vibrate mode or audio playback mode.


- Adjust the sensitivity of the device by rolling the rolling button at the right side of the device. To detect the exact equipment you need, you should adjust until the red lights lit up first, and then holding the device starts scanning around the room or area you suspect.


- During the migration process, when the red LED lights up more, cry thicker means has detected the signal of wireless listening devices somehow. You try to move around the space where there is considered the strongest signal and approached. You will make out, whether the device is placed in that area or not.

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