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CCTV is a useful tool to help us observe and manage the company, shop, space observations of our home even though we are not often there. To use a camera is not hard but how the camera works well and stable with time, we have to hygiene, maintenance and repair them when necessary.


1. Review all hardware and software of camera:

With hardware:

  • Playback Recorder DVR and clean.
  • Rethinking entire parts of the camera if it needs repair damaged and missing parts promptly any additional needs, hygienic dust and handling of environmental impacts to the camera.

With software:

Need to check data in the hard disk of the CCTV.
These data need to be backed up to another drive or a DVD or CD.

2. Camera in need of maintenance, maintenance:

  • Control, clean all the inside and outside of CCTV avoid dirt stuck, causing the wet circuit short circuit, check all the connectors of the camera, from camera to record video.
  • Hygiene for the CPU, fan source ensures the camera always works best.
  • Then install the same parts.
  • Check software, reinstall parameter, application programs, installation, system configuration through interner CCTV.
  • Perform data backups to keep.
  • Finally check the entire master ensures complete camera installation to normal operation.



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