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Whatever you are, what your job. How old are you and any where you are. You can also make money with BKV. So you can make money in any way and can earn much, let us guide you.

BKV JSC  is not just our own, but for all you want to do business and make money and grow together. That is why we have a policy split huge commissions for the worker, who introduced and agents. (Policies for collaborators and agents you can see here).

Customer referral policy

Have you just introduced to our customers need to install surveillance cameras, alarms and other security devices, when we signed the success you had even 10% of the contract value.

When you refer to us we have your information and we are committed even if you only 1 contract giớ recommend we contact and send a commission to you through the following forms:

     1. Bank account.

     2. Via mail.

     3. Through the scratch card.

     4. Direct at our company or location that suits you in Hanoi.

cách kiếm thêm thu nhập

Camera installation package is about 6,000,000 VND lowest with 10% or so you are entitled VND 600,000 easy. Please use the prestige and your relationships so that you can both be introduced to friends, acquaintances, business partners use the best services while they can enhance the prestige, income itself.

Set architecture-policy than we have super good support for you to do business and engineering who want to make long-term income and stability. We always cooperate with the principle of Win - win, towards long-term cooperation and ensure everyone will benefit

- Customers will enjoy the best service with the most economical price.

- The introduction of enhanced prestige and enhanced itself income.

- The company developed and expanded continuously.

If you are interested can contact us at the information below:

Address: No. 9 Lane 40 Phan Dinh Giot, Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone number: 0438.688.822 - Hotline: 0914.363.499


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