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Every year the state has held civil service exams for industry seeking quality human resources, personnel, and employees of qualified, clean and strong.


The qualifying examination must be seriously taken place because of its importance but still exists, the negative creeps in organizing and judging contests. 


camera quan sát thi tuyển công chức


Status is still "his son, grandson father" priority is still given foreign students to wade into the vacancy, the competition takes the form, still remind all, burn all the thi ... 


To prevent these problems, the State promote prevention negative in civil service examinations: 


In the exam board have installed surveillance cameras to monitor staff and students during construction, the entire image is recorded as document cameras, evidence. Officials at sectoral level is to direct the implementation of policies and regulations of the state of the civil service examination in earnest. Leading cadres must be exemplary, regular monitoring, evaluation and commendation or criticism of officials and their staff. Besides the reward, honoring individuals and units perform well also accused regulations, strictly handle violations. 


All stages of the contest organized examiner must comply with regulations seriously and fairly, is strictly controlled. There are new so repel negative in the civil service examination. New search the staff have an adequate, clean, strong country.


camera quan sát


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