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Solutions to monitor remote cameras in 3G

Bach Khoa Viet would like to introduce to you read in this article a new technology equipment Vigor router technology supports LAN to LAN VPN IPsec protocol over 3G, solve problems remotely over the network view camera in places where there is no internet. With the integration of multiple features 3G router, firewall VPN servers, load balancing top 1 device will provide network equipment for operation in conditions such as the Internet.

You are headaches requiring installation of CCTV system in a place not pull ADSL or fiber optic cable network, even without electricity. Are you one of the projects under construction in the area that are not pulling fiber optic cable or ADSL, you need remote monitoring for anti-theft purposes material, observing the progress of the work remotely, managers and employees, ... If you're thinking, but have not found a good solution options and try using Vigor router


3G technology brings convenience, internet connection wherever you are, wherever there are waves in which the 3G phone. So you can use one router that supports 3G USB port to replace the cable internet connections via normal. But you can not see the camera NAT port for remote monitoring via 3G. Do your 3G USB acts as a router 1 client behind one another, the IP address that you received when you connect to the Internet via 3G is one private IP address, the address is not visible from the internet. What should be how to view the camera remotely over 3G?

VPN gives us 1 "tunnel" security without NAT port, you just need to create a VPN connection, two different branches geographically situated would like to be taken along in the 1st place. You can share resources, printers, VoIP calls, and of course the camera view, whether you're in no matter what branch. As mentioned above, is of hydrophobic NAT IPsec VPN. With this type of VPN to connect 2 site (LAN to LAN), then if one site is a 3G internet connection with VPN is almost impossible. Thus the manufacturers were studied and launched new technology supports VPN router to Lan Lan.

The product line, this new technology Router supports USB 3G with download speeds up to 21Mbps, upload up to 5,76Mbps, LAN to LAN VPN supports up to 32 simultaneous branch. And more particularly this router also supports VPN LAN-to-LAN connections with IPsec protocol with 1 site located behind NAT (using 3G or your network is located in 1 systems managed by other people). Just you have 1 site direct connection to the internet (1 public IP) is sufficient.

Power Source: 3G is a mobile, portable, it's not where electricity also, where there is no electricity, we can use the battery. This router uses 12V DC can be attached directly to the power source from Acqui. Invite your reference principle diagram below:

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