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Video conferencing (Video Conferencing) is a system of devices and software work together to transmit images and sound between two or more remote locations connected via transmission line Internet, WAN or LAN enables the people sitting in different places can talk but are sitting in a room with one.
1. The system of video conferencing applications in areas such as:
- Meetings, conferences, discussions and exchange of units located far from each other or can not meet in the same place;
- Exchange of information and documents of the joint working group but in different places;
- The model of online teaching or university teaching centers or use;
- Remote Consulting, experts can listen and advise clients as their problems are in a direct meeting;
- Medical care from the patient can be remote examination, diagnosis, or even surgery indirectly from medical experts at the remote location;
- The field of information exchange requests, images, other real-time audio.
For each area listed above videoconferencing is always the optimal choice when the distance between the point of contact with one another is quite far, are not conducive to direct travel to meet each other to exchange work.
2. The benefits of videoconferencing solutions provide:
- Save time move to the square;
- Savings funds for organizing a conference;
- Organize meetings and conferences a quick and simple;
- Make online meetings between different locations;
- You can store the entire contents of the meeting without many recorded;
- The security and safety of high Meeting;
- Decisions and content exchange is given promptly and timely.
1. Technology used
System videoconferencing equipment is an electronic device systems (including hardware and software) using digital technology, image compression, and audio in real time (coder / decoder) audio St. Videoconferencing solutions based on IP technology with support for multiple protocols (H.320, H.323, SIP, SCCP) allows deploying the latest video conferencing, but still take advantage of the facility infrastructure available.
2. The composition
Personal meeting
With a personal meeting, participants only need a computer equipped with software installed to perform the function HNTH terminal. The terminal should integrate or add peripherals such as cameras, microphones ... Allow meeting participants meeting point - point or multi-point as the basic equipment at the other common meeting room. The components required of individual meeting rooms including: software installed on computers (PC, Laptop) (Can be equipped with dedicated devices such as Webcams, microphones sound filter, the external display); The software can support the meeting point - the point, allowing connection to a maximum meeting 3 points without additional equipment in addition to multi-point management (MCU). Or possibly specialized equipment has been installed conferencing applications, integrated camera, dedicated microphone.
General meeting
For each connection point to participate, need to equipped the following components to participate in the meeting (This is also required components fitted in meetings Point to Point):
CCTV: Autumn image signal
Micro: Record audio signal
Codec: Handling of receiving and transmitting encrypted audio signal and transmit images via
Display: Show contents of the meeting; Remote image, image data to be displayed.
Speaker: Plays audio signals meeting the proximal end; conditioner.
Connect to share pictures: Using more computers connect to share data on meetings
Depending on the infrastructure of the customer meeting that the number of audio equipment, the image will be optional on-demand meeting rooms area, the number of participants
The extension depending on demand
When customers wish to expand the number of connections in the meeting places and save the image; the audio conference can add the following components:
Storage: Store the details of the meeting
MCU- Connect multi-point: Use when clients need to connect multiple points during the meeting at the same time, supporting many advanced features. Allowing initialization, the meeting ended, customizable display layout, schedule meetings, supervision, quality management meetings ....
Model point-to-point connection

Model multi-point connections

Transmission line connection
Videoconferencing to operate effectively it is necessary to ensure bandwidth for all traffic with upload speeds with download speeds. At a small meeting room, same building large equipment where it can be used MCU via LAN connection speed of MCU should be guaranteed on 1:25 Mbps. At other positions will connect the center where the MCU (UVC) minimum requirements to 1:25 Mbps.cho sugars for HD quality TV.
Bandwidth connection to the maximum MCU when connected to the position is calculated by the score every point x bandwidth (1:25 Mbps). Speed ​​above the speed alone applications for Point Endpoint and MCU; not shared with other applications.
When the operation signal generation video / audio needs to be open the application on the network traffic so that customers using lease line or WAN lines at each point is connected to a video conferencing system.
Cisco (http://www.cisco.com/c/vi_vn/products/collaboration-endpoints/index.html)
Videoconferencing system Cisco offers you a perfect quality, the ease of use and high reliability. With a hardware platform, software and a remote control provided by Cisco, you will feel the use is easy and comfortable as possible. Cisco offers products for the latest video conferencing as single software platform, the Ministry of Natural Audio module, camera and wide viewing angles and clear sound microphones that filter, and Downspeeding IPLR technologies, the for leading telepresence and video IP phones for staff ... Cisco conformance Platform supports devices from other manufacturers can help you incorporate videoconferencing equipment most effective way.
Sony (http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-videoconference)
Brand is a pioneer in the transformation of communication technology in high definition, Sony has developed technologies to reach videoconferencing fresh and innovative, leading excellence in performance and stylish design. Videoconferencing solutions firm highly competitive and always aim to bring the optimum for our customers. In addition to the embedded MCU hardware design: PCS-XG 80; PCS-XA-80 supports connection to 10 points; to the big MCU line PCS-VCS series supports up to 100 points the last endpoint: PCS-XG55; PCS-XA55 to the integrated endpoint PCS-XL-55 designed in accordance with the personal meeting room.
Panasonic (http://www.panasonic.com/vn/business/communications)
Videoconferencing systems (HDVC) Panasonic's new Full resolution Full HD image transmission allows images up to 60 frames / s and realistic sounds, minimizing background noise. The system supports multiple connection points and minimize the hassle out of operation as well as cost saving installation of the initial investment. Participants in the online conference can use mobile devices to engage in anywhere without other accompanying devices through NAT Traversal services. Panasonic supports connections online video conferencing multipoint up to 10 positions without the need to retrofit MCU. Videoconferencing also supports videoconferencing equipment of other manufacturers. The product line is its latest KX-VC-1300 and KX-VC1600.
Polycom (http://www.polycom.com)
As one of the vendors leading Video Conferencing Solution in the world, Polycom offers solutions HighEnd including Polycom Group series product line; EndPoint HDX series; RMX series MCU line; for customers in the government; the Group; enterprise. With the range of hardware products; management software: VCM (Video content management); RealPresence Capture Storage software series; RealPresence Media Manager software installed on remote meetings Laptop; strong mobile operations bring stability and ability to connect easily; convenient.
RADVISION (http://www.avaya.com/usa/product/avaya-aura-conferencing)
RADVISION one brand dedicated to providing video conferencing solution in the world, now owned by Avaya; specializes in providing communications solutions to connect End to End; Delivers comprehensive communications solutions; interaction with the perfect combination between the conference television equipment and devices AVAYA unified communications. In addition to endpoint devices: Scopia XT series; the compact design endpoint: Scopia XT Excutive 240; Radivion provides options to support different number of points with lines Elite5000 Scopia series (30 points maximum support full HD) points; Scopia Elite MCU 6000 Series line (support full HD up to 20 points); suitable for businesses or individual customers, RADVISION provides software solutions through PC meeting; Smartphone: Scopia management and management software; monitoring meeting: Scopia Management; Evident RADVISION effective Monitoring.
Hopefully, through this article you learned about the basic knowledge to be able to decide to invest in videoconferencing systems. If you want to learn more about the knowledge, you can contact the hotline: 0914.363.499 to our professional team can advise me directly to you.

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