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Surveillance systems, car park management - CCTV systems management parking is a total solution including hardware, software automatic control, security equipment, surveillance camera, station supervision to equip a car park for medium and large size. 

Surveillance systems, car park management is applied at: 

- Bai sent university vehicles. 

- Beach parking in the large markets. 

- Beach parking basement of the building. 

- Beach parking at commercial centers. 

- Beach parking at the supermarket. 

- Vehicle management system in the company, or warehouse. 


Surveillance systems, car park management

Surveillance systems, car park management can operate a fully automated devices are installed as shown in the screenshot below:




Surveillance camera system parking management components include: 


  1. Generator tag: play airfares for guests 
  2. Barrier-mail: sound barrier opens automatically 
  3. guard boots protection: access control on the computer screen 
  4. card reader: Read and check ticket automatically turn 
  5. charging station 
  6. Computer monitoring system 
  7. ICC: The control system communication center 
  8. RFID card reader distance 
  9. First RFID proximity card reader 
  10. Camera: capture images of vehicle number plates 
  11. Table LED information display 
  12. Table LED indications: Only for automated guided vehicles going 
  13. acoustic wave sensor: Detects vehicles in the parking position. 
  14. Indicators: Report vacant areas or complete vehicles 


The access control devices are connected together using RS485 with ICC 


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