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1.Security situation in the ATM and the practical requirements


Currently, the country has thousands of active dong.Nguoi ATM withdrawals can reach any point of any of the ATM system, using the cards to withdraw money, simple and easy dang.So of trees of each ATM bank as much as quality of service tot.Tuy course, need to ensure security for ATMs. The specific ATM robbers the money tree is a recent reminder of the need to quickly provide a solution to the problem this. 
Currently, there have been some suggestions that should have security guards for the trees ATM. But with the current scale and later, this solution may not increase the number of trees ATM means ly.Boi is to increase the number of security guards, engine management will increasingly cumbersome. Moreover, the negligence of the guards, such as neglect, guard, fatigue will result in disaster hai.Tinh shows need a stable system operation, reliability, operation 24/24 to ensure security for ATMs, and the system must be able to operate in the case of criminals cut off the tree connected to ATM, ATM trees brought from the field to locate the position. Also, that system must be able to manage multiple ATM trees. This will mean easier management, you can quickly handle the situation happen. 

2. company's legal security equipment encyclopedic Vietnam.


2.1> General Features: 

  •  Warning system in case ATMs are hard, cold, open the safes. 
  •  Stable operation, efficient, accurate warnings, easy to install. 
  •  Locate tree ATM locations on the map. 
  •  Compact size, fitting right in the ATM safe, does not affect the operation of ATM operations. 


2.2> features details of the processing center: 

+ Installation of ATM safes. 
+ Use AC220V input voltage, accompanied backup battery charger, using a minimum of 24 hours in case the central power grid. 
+ Integrated with many types of sensors: The switch from, heat sensors, smoke sensors, vibration sensors, optical sensors ... 
+ Alert method: 

  •  By SMS simultaneously to eight telephone numbers (mobile and fixed). 
  •  Notice to the registered phone number of state systems such as AC power failure, low battery ... 
  •  By the sirens. 
  •  Alarm when input sensor wire or cut wire horn. 
  •  You can turn the alarm off remotely via handheld devices or control over a message by mobile phone has been installed in the center console. 


2.3> The properties of the sensor: 

+ The switch from open: ATM activity upon being opened. 
+ Heat rise: as the temperature activity suddenly increased at an ATM. 
+ Vibrating Alarm: Alarm when a traumatic shake up at the ATM. 

2.4> siren: 100 dB intensity. 

2.5> The device can be connected more to the center 

The light padding + g: Lightning alarms at the plant when the ATM. 
+ Smoke sensor: when there is smoke in the trees ATM 
+ Optical sensor: when the light reached the tree ATM.

2.6> Global Positioning 

+ The location of trees ATM on the map, or where the crooks of trees move Safe ATM systems identify only way to transfer or ATM location of trees 

3. Demonstration activities: 

The sensor head is connected by wires to the central box, the cabinet power supply operation centers dong.Cung can install a wireless sensor for ATM trees. The center has redundant power, 24 hours maintenancewhen the power is one of the e chinh.Khi bid sensors connected to a central loss (power loss, loss of signal) alarm will be activated.

Salient characteristics of this solution is the ability to communicate and control over the GSM network. Only the SIM with a phone attached to the central box, can be turned on / off system, receive notification of alarms, status thong.he generation system 5 of receive SMS support, a number of calls when the alarm.

When a change in the central state (power failure, loss of phone connection), the center will also inform the board ly.Ngoai out there can name the point of alarm, help manage more easily.

When an alert, the center will in turn send the SMS message, then call to the telephone installed. 

With a simple compact size, easy to use, the protection system can help manage the large number of trees ATM, help the authorities to quickly handle emergencies can tell us cap.Co supply chain optimization solutions for the protection of ATM withdrawals.

We believe that the advantages of high stability and Vietnam: The system will help protect the trees to avoid the loss of ATM. 
Our warmest thanks to the interest of our system.


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