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A series of electronics espionage Chinese origin are sold pervasive in frontier markets, but authorities are not processed.
The device "spy" on sale at the market a lot of border - Photo: United Kingdom
Electronic Market Mong Cai, Quang Ninh and Dong Kinh Market, Ky Lua, Tan Thanh, Lang Son is a feeder device "spy" on a large scale from China into Vietnam. Just spend from 500,000 to 1.5 million bought an eavesdropping device, can connect to anywhere on earth.

As tourists, Thanh Nien reporter approached a number of shops selling electronic goods in electronic markets of Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province). Souk thousands of square meters wide, gathered hundreds of trade stalls of electronic items, including a variety of devices, "spies" - called "sim eavesdropping".

How it works the "sim eavesdropping" very simple. Just plug it into the device sim small matchbox size, and then installed in the area to collect sound, images and using a first encrypted message to the mobile subscriber base mounted on the device, the device will enabled and proceed with sounds, images within tens of meters and then automatically transferred to the phone book of the players. Cases, the foreign wiretapping, to enable subscribers to be registered international calls.

According to employees of an electronics shop in Mong Cai market, customers wishing to purchase items, shop owners will place the item from China, in accordance with customer requirements. If bulk purchase price shall be reduced from of 80,000 - 100,000 VND / product. The transport from Mong Cai in prose by the customer is responsible.

In some markets border armor, Lang Son and sale of equipment "spy" with larger scale, product categories are diverse. Even new types of devices are also traders regularly updated.

A shop owner in Tokyo market (Lang Son city, Lang Son province), said this device buyers are usually very ... mysterious. "There are guests in Hanoi said that bulk purchases resold bring the city. But there are also buyers from 10-30 equipment, buy when asked how many generations, guests smirked can not say anything" shop owner said.
After a few minutes la unicorn, a shop owner in the Tokyo market, said: "If you buy more we will order the Chinese side. Just 2 days with about coming here. As for the categories, we will continuously update. Whenever there is a new product, we recommend guests bring about. When the goods, you can get up Lang Son or we will send via bus to Hanoi. "

The risk of insecurity

About mechanism of action, depending on the type of device that has a different crawl. Having scored just sounds kind then transmitted to the server, there are more intelligent types that can automatically collect audio, TV image on the server. According to the understanding of the Thanh Nien reporter, all eavesdropping devices operate on frequencies 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHZ ... Type N9, recording 15 m transmission range directly on the server; type A6, recording, recording streamed live on the server; 009 type automatic transmission to collect data on the server. In addition, the electronic market of Mong Cai printing device also has a bite out of an apple shape, external device called bearer and specifications. However, according to the recommendation of the staff shop, this device kind of cheap and only recording function, then transmitted to the server in a specified frequency range. How it works similar to the N9 device.

Sim and memory card slots of a device - Image: South England
Time operation of the various devices. Type N9 can work 3-4 days. What kind of high-profile as the A6, X900, 009, battery operation for 10 days ...

Among the types of equipment "spy", A6, X900 how it works extremely sophisticated. Inside two external devices attached sim card has a capacity memory card support up to 64G. In the case of regional electronic chips attached device jamming waves lead to the loss, the device will automatically operate without control from the server. When it detects sound, images within 15-30 meters, the device automatically activates then collect private data stored on the memory card. If not detected static, the device will automatically interrupt operation. The information collection and storage is done until a new memory card is full only. When attaching the device area covered back, the device will automatically transfer all the data on the server.

Is the most popular type of device that prints a bite out of an apple - Photo: United Kingdom
Although the device "spy" consumed a lot, but functional forces proved irresponsible in managing. Tran Son, Team leaders manage city markets of Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province, said he had heard of the device stores "spy" that reporters reflected Youth. But so far, authorities have not detected any individuals participating in the sale, also has not caught any trafficking cases this type of device. In addition, Mr. Son also said that the task of managing the sale of equipment "spying" under the jurisdiction of the public security organs.


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