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After our country's open integration and promoting all aspects of social development through clear communication and learning the scientific and technical progress of the countries of the world. Agencies, enterprises and individuals, for various reasons .. its needed security system equipment. But still wondered selection and distribution unit installation to be assured of the quality of the system and after-sales service, ... Currently Distribution units installed security devices grow up a lot from the inner city to the provinces with high and low prices of different frames. 


Bach Khoa Viet well as distributors and installation of low voltage systems nationwide, direct cooperation and executed many people work from home to state agencies, we are to understand the general sentiment of your customers ... 


You are an investor you to choose the company any security device? equipment and installation process like? Prestige responsibilities be? ... From the position of your stand on the other, we always put the interests of customers is central, thus creating the trust from your customers is to help our customers better understand the security equipment and our work. 


Through that lead to mutual trust and ultimately the quality of work says it all. 

We urge you to consider carefully between units distributed and constructed by answering the following questions: 

This unit consider carefully examine your problem? 

This unit can be presented and proposed construction plans in a reasonable manner? 

Units are presenting screaming origin of it? 

This unit can give an estimate and construction schedule specific? 

This unit ensures everything is done properly account? 

In this unit the contract terms you have proposed can unilaterally terminate the contract signed after 3 days without reason? 

This unit cited these examples for your reference, consider? 

This unit has the resources to implement your project (Finance, Human Resources, Materials luc..vv)? 

All other manifestations of this unit corresponds somewhat with the requirements set out (attitude, respect trong..vv) 



Workflow of Bach Khoa Viet

 Customers wishing to purchase or installation of security equipment. Please contact the consulting firm can assist our customers with a quality security system the most complete protection, providing you with the most complete injustice.


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