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When we select the camera , usually depending on their purpose that we choose are appropriate camera. In a series of articles "The basic parameters of the camera" we will help you choose the camera to meet your needs.

  • Manufacturer: EOBON
  • Type : Dome Camera
  • Image sensor : 1/3-inch Sony super HAD color CCD
  • Resolution: 520 TV lines
  • Night vision Distance ( m ) : 20m
  • Sensitivity: 0 lux/f1.2
  • Working temperature : -10 ~ 50
  • Voltage : 12V DC
  • Lens : 4mm

When observing the light areas are different, the parameters that we need to note that Minimum Illumination: minimum light intensity.

Often measured in Lux, Lux is derived units are the power light on an area of ​​1m2. This parameter tells us the minimum intensity of light that the camera's light sensor can recognize colors between objects. In terms of magnitude smaller light intensity smallest camera feel, we have installed more lights to increase light intensity or if fitted with infrared lights which support infrared camera or rather with the camera 's minimum illumination intensity less than or we replace it with another infrared camera can be observed.

Some examples of the intensity of natural light :

* Sunlight per day is in the range of illuminance 32,000 ( 32 KLX ) to 100,000 lux ( KLX 100 )

* The television studio is illuminated with 1,000 lux illumination ( 1 KLX )

* A bright office has about 400 lux illuminance

* At the time of sunset and sunrise , outdoor lighting also has an illuminance of 400 lux ( if clear sky ) .

* The reflected light from the moon is about 1 lux illumination

* The light from the star is approximately 0.00005 lux illumination ( = 50 μlx )

Some CCTV Auto Iris function ( automatic light adjustment ). Camera Features of this kind is only one small light source , it can automatically amplify it up to the light can be observed.


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