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Many schools in HCMC students mounted surveillance camera
Many schools in HCMC students mounted surveillance camera
 Recently consecutive appearance students fight videos, including many cases of scuffles in the classroom. The schools in HCM City is strengthening mounted cameras to monitor students, but it caused many mixed opinions in the education workers and parents.
Rector, protecting Li Feng secondary school students to observe through the camera screen.
Hieu Bui Gia, Vietnam's Secondary School Principals (Tan Phu District) said that, since its inception, the school has mounted 48 cameras to monitor the activities of students and prevent school violence. The camera monitors are observing the implementation of the daily supervisor rather wait until the incident and then considered again.

Tran Thi Thu Ngan Ly Phong Secondary School Principals (District 5), said there are 14 camera mounted in the hallway function rooms, a computer lab, library, toilets ... corridors of the school. "This is where the collision occurs, easier fights, smoking, joking overdone, even as a place to meet the students. Thanks to the work the camera mounted on virtually no. Where are binding additional camera but no funding, "she said Ngan.

Marie Curie High School (District 3) 2 camera mounted on each floor. Also, gymnasiums, tennis, golf school is also attached cameras to monitor students. Kim Dong Secondary School (District 5) also mounted 32 cameras along the corridors and classrooms of the corner where the stairs.

Ba Dinh Secondary School (District 5) was inserted more than 10 cameras since 2008. Recently, the installation of a number of other areas to prevent school violence including rear second floor hallway, school gate, corridor go to the toilet ...

Tran Boi Co Junior High School (District 5) was inserted more than 20 cameras to monitor all school activities. Every day, there is always a supervisor on duty the camera screen. If it detects something unusual will come in time to prevent.

The surveillance camera mounted schools are some parents, students support. Tran Thi Cuc (Tran Binh Trong, District 5) mounted camera that schools, parents will be more secure. If something happens to students, parents and the school will review the camera to process.

And I Le, Vietnam's high school students, it said, have you not afraid of losing the camera school supplies, school also seems civilized, more modern.

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Maintenance Technician at secondary schools camera Li Feng.
However, in view of management education, Do Minh Hoang, Chief of the Department of Education and Training in HCM City, confirmed the Department does not intend, and does not encourage schools to put the cameras because it's unscientific approach . It would inhibit teachers make bad psychology students. It is also not effective measures to curb school violence.

"To restrict school violence must strengthen moral education and lifestyle for students; coordination between schools, families and society to redress and prevent school violence seeds," said Hoang pot.

Mr. Bui Gia Hieu also recognized, the camera easy inhibitors for teachers when lesson. Want to prevent school violence, must address the root of the problem is the behavior of education, conflict resolution for students rather than waiting cameras recorded then deal with the consequences.

Nguyen Thanh Nhan, senior advisor training center for young talents in Asia - Pacific, also need to change the form of education, starting with the reduction of training programs, increase practice, picnic ... "Only when students are good for mental experience would help reduce violence," he said.


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