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5 Smart Technology Helps You Save Money Electricity Activities

Swapping old electrical appliances and replace them with systems and technology "smart" can be a good move, help you really save money. Each family will have different needs in the use of various technologies listed below, and not every solution offering will benefit the same for all houses. For example, a small house, because energy use is not large so it can not receive benefits as the big house in the installation of solar panels. The future seems bright for the energy-saving devices and smart products for civil use.

1 - Renewable Energy

Solar: The solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity use in the home. The house is located in the geographical area receives more sunlight will benefit more from this form of energy. Direction of the roof design plays an important role in the use of solar energy. You'll also want to consider the size of your house, how much energy you want to replace it with renewable energy, tax reduction policies and government support for solar panels.

Solar panels mounted on the roof

Generally, if you use a lot of power, you will begin to see the money saved quickly with energy panels. This type of energy has a fixed price, cost of installation and maintenance is almost negligible, and the unit price is lower than many conventional power. By combining solar energy system for your home automation, which would be an alternative solution to the problem through mih electricity from the power company.

Generally, solar energy solutions can help you save 30% of your electric bill. Value investing is about 2000 to 10000 dollars, depending on the size of your home.

Wind Energy: Buy and use wind turbines to generate electricity is another possibility for you to save money. The most efficient wind turbine size is not small. Many of the reach 7m to 10m in height from the air to generate enough electricity needs from wind. If the wind turbine height bridge clearance losing your sight, then it can become a good solution. But there is beauty even though it places on high, it will not cause too much noise and disturb your neighbors.

installation of wind turbines on fields

Try its consideration Windspire wind turbines, which cost 5000 USD and 2000 produced kWh of electricity a year. With a less expensive version, as Air Breeze, a type of traditional wind generators, it produces 200 Watt power a day. This electricity can be used to run the computer or TV. It cost about $ 500, can cost you a while to see the difference in savings. The market for wind energy has not been ingrained as solar energy, but this market is growing and rewarding for you to look up to. According to the US Energy Information, averaging a 11 496 kWh used. If you have half a dozen of Winspire turbines in the field, you can fully use wind energy for your home, but of course this is not very realistic, and also fails to save.

2 - The Intelligent Temperature Control

Regulators intelligent temperature Nest

Very worthwhile if you invest a few hundred dollars for a temperature controller (thermostat) can itself manage the school and temperature control. The modern thermostat can be programmed to learn to be smart when you wake up and it will self-adjust the temperature to the most comfortable value before you even set foot on the floor in the morning.

It also can be learned when you go out of the house for work, when you go home and even sensing your presence in the house to adjust the temperature accordingly air conditioning. Furthermore you can control air conditioning remote control via your smartphone, in anywhere. These minor adjustments this will definitely help you save money. 50% of the electricity bill of an average household for cooling and heating. Also smart thermosat can self-adjust to the weather conditions, it is connected via Wi-fi and check the weather and adjust accordingly.

Basically, the smart thermostat not require your order which in itself will adjust air conditioning to create a suitable temperature, which can save you up to 30% of the bill electricity. Today the price of the smart thermostat higher only by the standard type thermostat around 10%.

3 - Sensor On Off Lights In The Presence Of The (Light occupancy sensors)

The presence sensor motion

Installation of presence sensor to automatically turn off lights is a potential to save you money. As parents still know, despite how many times they remind children about the lights, but it seems we never do. An estimated overview of the money is wasted each year due to forget to turn off lights shows numbers up to hundreds of dollars. If a 100W light bulb for 10 hours off forgotten, it will consume power 1000W, or 1 kWh. Quick look through your phone bill, you'll know the amount to be paid for each kWh of electricity.

If the average price of 0.2 USD you are, then a 100W light bulb lit for 10 hours will cost you US $ 0.2. If you multiply the number of bulbs next to you forget to turn off, you will begin to see how much energy you're wasting from it. Must be up to hundreds of dollars a year. One solution to this problem that is the motion sensor to automatically turn off the lights. This really is simply because you only need to buy a motion sensor light switch fits perfectly into your.

[Word of the translator: Vietnam single electricity prices is not entirely the same as the price of electricity in the US, however, lamps, lamp power and habits forgot to turn off the lights, as well as the amount of power wasted due to this, it is not little else is.]

After attaching the sensor to the junction box position switch, you just light on the sensor wiring, and that's it. The rooms or areas with commuter density greater use could not see much benefit from this technology, but with little room or moderate use, the room that often forget to turn off the lights, will show benefit significant interests. The sensors turn off lights presence usually cost between 10 to 20 dollars.

[Word of the translator: this type of sensor is not hard to find in Vietnam. However, prices are slightly higher than the US market. You can choose to purchase products on the website SmartHomeMart.Com, or SieuThiSmartHome.Com, section Automatic Control Device]

There is also another solution to control the lights in your house off forgotten. Automation systems (home automation) can connect all the lights on a processing center with computer programs and controls from the device. You simply open up the phone and see if any lights are still bright and press to turn them off.

4 - Power Devices Compatible smart grid (Smart Grid)

[Word of the translator: Smart Grid concept is still relatively unknown in Vietnam. Current infrastructure can not apply. However this is a technology of the future, and we also need to consider]

Smart electrical appliances LG - you can turn off by smartphone

There is a strong trend in both private corporations and government agencies show that smart grid will gradually be implemented in many countries around the world over the next decade. Smart grid systems use information about personal habits of users of electrical equipment to send to the energy company. Basically, if households use more electricity during peak hours, they will be charged for electricity with higher unit prices.

Not only allows you to communicate with your fridge by telephone, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine you can also communicate with the smart grid both. The device itself will automatically know the optimal time to perform these functions. The time will fall in peak hours, and help you to not be charged at a high price, and save you money. Many manufacturers of electrical equipment such has introduced to the market of electrical equipment with features that help you reduce the cost of electricity, but such devices will also continue to step forward knowing when to work and you do not even have to worry about rush hour problems.

Currently the US Department of Energy are tax policies and incentives for this technology. And the good news is that smart grid compatible devices already on the market for a price not much higher than the usual electrical appliances.

5 - Waste Water

simple device prompts you to lock the faucet Water Pebble

We all know that the waste water from the water supply line is too long is not good for utility bills and for the environment. Also wasteful in the use of electricity for heating shower water, and do not forget that wasted energy was due to the old water heater and the pipes are not insulated. Due to this reason that many homeowners tend to upgrade the old water heater into the hot bath [heated directly, without the container] to try to save utility bills.

It's not a bad idea, but there are some practical solutions that you can try before. Remember that even when you've upgraded average hot shower, you can still waste water only by bad habits when you use the shower. Sometimes the extremely simple device can benefit you by simply reminding you to turn off the faucet. For only $ 10, you can buy a simple product called Water Pebble (Pebble water). It is a small device that you put your feet in the shower. When starting a bath, you will see it flashing green. Just keep it will turn from green to yellow, and finally flashing red to indicate that the open shower time has expired.

The device will calculate the time you first open the shower, and the next time it will count down by 7 seconds. As it reduces the time to too short, you simply need to click on the reset button (reset). According to the manufacturer, this device can save you 300 dollars a year to the problem of water and energy waste. It can save more than 12,000 gallons [45 m3] of water per year. Not bad for a money-saving solution is only $ 10.

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