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The library is an important asset for the culture of our society. Libraries play a huge role throughout the life of each of us, which provide research materials, books and the internet ... all widely used and free. CCTV is an essential security tool for libraries to protect the facilities and allow employees to supervise the entire library from your office or desk.

Solution CCTV installation for Library

Important benefits when using CCTV in the library

Những vấn đề cần cân nhắc khi triển khai lắp đặt hệ thống camera

Security: The library is favorite place of all ages. Installation of surveillance cameras for the entire library to help keep people safe overall research, surfing the web or reading.

Theft prevention: Collection of books, the library materials of great value. Use monitoring systems with alarms and bar codes of magnetic can help prevent theft.

Flexibility: HD video security system provides users new flexibility to locate the camera anywhere. When hosting the tour, readers, community events or book club at the library can easily be recorded by the flexibility of HD cameras.

Monitoring peripheral base: high-definition camera system will allow tracking library security camera video via the Internet. Managers and security personnel can monitor library anytime, from anywhere and whenever security concerns arise.

Privacy Policy: Installation of cameras in public areas such as reading area, bookcase, meeting room, circulation desk ... and avoid the sight of CCTV in areas such as rooms and toilets to ensure privacy for guests and employees.

The issues to consider when implementing a camera system installed in the library

The issues to consider when deploying install camera systems

All other libraries in size and fields of law libraries, scientific libraries, national library ... each library has different surveillance needs. You should consider the following important factors before installing a security camera system for the library:

Security concerns are your most pressing what?
What storage Library: collection or rare items and values?
Currently you have security systems yet? If there are security systems that operate effectively?
Library happened theft incidents or security breaches before?
Consultancy positions CCTV installation for the library

Should install cameras at all entrances and exits to track and record clear images of all visitors when they enter and exit the library.
Installation of security cameras in the middle of the bookcase bookcase to help test it is clear from the area, the secondary camera settings to get a close look and more details.
Using the camera directly to monitor and protect the rare books.

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