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Special Features of PTZ Camera

PTZ is an acronym for the term from Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Scans ie rotate , tilt up - to - zoom and image collection.

PTZ Camera can meet these requirements due to a combination of foot - soles quay-quet/len-xuong and a Pan & Zoom lens image . The ability to zoom the image of a PTZ camera is a combination of digital zoom and optical zoom capabilities . Digital zoom uses digital electronic circuit driver ( software) to zoom in and out while using the optical zoom lens - service moving target auto - focus (hardware ) . Total zoom of the camera can be calculated by multiplying the digital zoom with optical zoom , zoom camera that features modern self-tuning to achieve the sharpness of the observed target when zooming images whether fast or slow , the satisfaction of this amendment speaks of quality as well as camera zoom lens attachment .

PTZ Camera used is a special selection of appropriate features , if not will not promote the advantages PTZ that will make a general observation image is always fuzzy , lack of focus and image can regular - jerk bounce while scanning or fast zoom . According PTZ function , keyboard controller can be connected directly to the PTZ camera or image processing device as center - shaped burner and receiving requests to operate PTZ precision manipulation , fast The most sensitiv.


Most of all, the most appropriate model for PTZ dome security camera is designed with a full-featured necessary , including the suspension shell casing vandal aluminum structure according to international standards .

PTZ cameras are made for outdoor applications and in-house , in addition to the flexibility of the variation in shape . Outdoor PTZ camera base pan / tilt withstand all weather , apply to heavy duty , and become more powerful than the model used in the home .

The reason for this is that the foot - soles outdoors often need to carry multiple devices and associated accessories are always heavier equipment such as infrared light side and provide wireless transmitter PTZ used in factories often use outer shell made ​​of plastic and thus lighter after the resin - aluminum vandal called Vandal Dome PTZ camera ...

A recent development of foot - soles camera is PTZ PTZ dome camera 's popularity . PTZ Dome Camera works in the same manner as traditional PTZ but different in both leg - base index of spin - scan and up - down ( Pan / Tilt ) and the electronic control inside the dome (domed) . The cover design for capturing a domed transparent or semi-transparent to opaque , making the dome - shaped dome camera is suitable for all applications separately. PTZ dome camera has a number of advantages over than traditional PTZ security cameras . Very broadly rounded dome camera can effectively help to move in any direction that is often looked not know where the lens on , including a 360-degree spin and look straight or up - down . Design selected from the manufacturer of the camera - lens compatible with PTZ device at any speed and self-image zoom adjust in the best way , to avoid the errors of the PTZ camera user choose the and do not correct the failure to observe demand . ( mentioned above) .

PTZ Dome Camera can also use the enclosed form part of the motion detection ( motion detector ) enables the camera to automatically rotate through or up and down to see clearly a goal , or a move certain objects directly below camera . Additional Features This ( Plus System ) called Auto - flip allows security cameras to automatically rotate when moving from anywhere around the camera to handle user support immediately observed on the screen center .

Many PTZ camera is capable of programming many publications - position preset and can be made to the survey through the site on a regular basis . The number of available positions ( pan preset ) change according to the camera manufacturer and model of the camera , pre-installed features typically average 8 - to 32 addresses ( position - position rotary - scanning ) , high-grade levels than allowed or address 128 depending on the number of cameras .

The accuracy of the camera's ability to return to the preset position , operation - based change impact on mechanics, electronics , and software . In addition to the available positions , the PTZ camera can be set to operate only when there is a specific change occurs , as a movement , noise , or heat - level changes . This is done when the - connected devices such as motion detectors , including smoke alarms , alarm - fires are properly connected to the PTZ camera . This way , the camera system enables users to minimize the highest events , unintended incident .

Moreover, not to mention IP PTZ camera comes with a design of IP addresses available , allows remote monitoring from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser . Users simply connect the camera to the network and then can take advantage of many features normally based on the supplied software includes a web server , FTP server , and an e - mail client .

A common feature for PTZ camera 's features to shield private parts . This provides the ability to specify which areas installing mask ( masking ) depending on the user 's view camera , such as a hide - away windows or doors some . The position of the mask ( mask ) may deadlock or resize accordingly to ensure that what is behind the mask needs to be cover for hidden - hidden will always hide . This camera helps users get rid of the disadvantages of litigation due to complaints of privacy violations.

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