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CAMERA WORLD CAN LEAST implanted with a needle
Recently, scientists from the University of Stuttgart, Germany has used 3D printing technology to create the world's smallest camera size 0.004 inch (100 micrometers). The camera can be inserted in the body with needles to monitor the health of patients. With 3D printing technology you can easily change the name of the camera to suit the intended use.

camera nho nhat the gioi

Use 3 different lenses, the camera can observe objects and focus it just 3mm. Thus, scientists can inject the camera into your body to observe the inner parts, the endoscope where technology can not reach.
The scientists also said they will make the camera can move, swim in your body. For now, the camera can only be attached to a long cable micro 1.7m.
To apply this to the actual product will need a long time to come, however, its ultra-small size opens up the potential for use in many areas, not just health. According to scientists, the camera can be used for micro-robot to record the world around us, for the security system, integrated into the drone ... If applications on the smartphone, you can head organic phone models have a 360-degree cameras with ease. More importantly, the product does not take too many resources to development. Scientists from the University of Stuttgart said they only take few hours to design and test this product.
However, any invention always has two sides. The invention of this type of camera raises privacy controversy, where the ultra-small camera monitoring others will be very easy and very difficult to detect. It also caused doubts about using this type of camera for espionage or theft of confidential documents. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section below in!

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