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Work examiner ongoing national HS rushing, many examiners Council of the universities have completed the post and started murmuring beat examiner. The police were there, the school inspectors also participate in monitoring, ensuring examiners seriously and each judge are fitting CCTV to ensure transparency in the work of judging.

công bố điểm thi đại học 2016

20-7 days, the school will announce the national high school test scores.
Work examiner must be taken seriously, transparent and fair
Nguyen Tuan Anh, Head of Training University Irrigation sharing, the school began on the morning of 6/7 examiner and expected completion date of the examiner on 15/7. 19/7 days Irrigation University will announce the results for the contestants.
To work examiners are well underway to mobilize the school has 270 teachers. Accordingly, the University selected Irrigation examiners from other universities and high schools, with priority given to teachers last year to participate in the school examiners. This seriousness is reflected in the common regulations carefully judge for examiners. Besides, the examiners have to enhance the role and responsibility of the people themselves as "holding weight level rise". To ensure fairness to the National high school test scores in the exam of the 2016 National High School contestants, judging Council Water Resources University has installed all judging room camera tracking system. In particular, the area marked tests, the camera works 24/24. In addition, the examination room also has police, inspectors of schools participating in monitoring and ensuring seriously, closely, not to the phenomenon occurs altering examination papers.
According to Dinh Van Hai, Head of the Political Affairs University students and Department of Testing and Quality of Education (Ministry of Education and Training) will judge the test subjects. About 80 officers participating faculty Mathematics dots. Subjects Literature, History, Geography.
To the Board sufficient test examiners and ensure fair, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Bui Van Ga has directed the performance, marking completion cluster will be updated on the construction management system for the Ministry of Education National High School education - Training test, compared with the data already stored in the examination Council. Then, the Ministry of education and training will move to the Department of Education and Training at the local university and college students published.
Besides, the Ministry of Education - Training has written Examination Council requested the dot test performed at least 5% of the amount of each exam exam, according to the progress of the evaluation committees dot competition; Thorough study examiners kept secret, not provided information on the activities of the evaluation committees and content examination of the candidate assignments, in addition to the official report of the examination evaluation committees. Thus the data obtained CCTV and security need to be authorized by management.
PGS.TS.Dinh Van Hai, Head of the Political Affairs University student said, cluster along beat competition finished. School started judging from 7/7.
According to leaders of the Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi University of Technology Cluster chaired contest organized for candidates of 1 in 4 districts (Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Hoang Mai, Long Bien) and 3 districts (Gia Lam, Thuong Tin, Phu Xuyen).
According to the Examination Council Polytechnic University, the school has a total of 12 623 candidates registered contestants. Candidates are subjects over 91% of the total number of registered participants. Concerning the work of examiners, Deputy Minister of Education - Training Bui Van Ga said that this year, the Ministry requested the dots to finish the day 20/7 quiz contestants National High School.
After finishing spots, schools, local, university examiners chaired send the results to the Ministry. The Ministry will publish the results to judge all competition terms, prioritize traffic ensures smooth implementation, to avoid overloading the same last year.
Examiners must be trained on the work of rounding up to two-digit points, marking two independent loops between supervisor 1 and supervisor 2. Deputy Minister of Education - Training, said: "Stop the competition should be perform well, create a fair and social beliefs "
Time Admission to universities will end earlier than 1 day
Information on admissions issues, Dr. Mai Van Trinh, Director of Testing and quality of education (Ministry of Education) said that, if the 2015 registration period is 1st Admission 20 days this year, while nearly halved compared with 2015.
This year, the Ministry of fully prepared software selection decisions, this time has run tests, ready to run. In the selection process, the high schools, the maximum mobilization unit computer with a network connection to serve the registered candidates online.
In addition, admission time will end sooner than one day if nothing happened cases can be processed. This year is no longer defined profile is drawn up, should apply to universities will not publish data of candidates to apply to his case. Therefore, after careful consideration, paid into the public schools, students can be assured of admission wait for the results.
Accordingly, during the first round of admission, each candidate is registered in two universities, each school 2 aspiration (for the independent school admission).
In addition the selection phase, applicants are to apply to three schools, each school two aspirations.
As for the school admissions team, each contestant was submitted on 4 cases with 4 aspirations.
This year, candidates may not withdraw-submission as 2015 so they can refer to the results of enrollment in 2015 to consider carefully when selecting the matching interests and capabilities.
In addition, candidates are not flocking to the track the results of these changes in 2015 that universities such as when to test scores notice period, the universities and colleges will be announced.

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