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The technical terms of telephone exchange
- What are phone subscribers? Is the phone number provided by the supplier (Postal Viettel, Saigon Postel ...)

- Trunk (Central Office CO - Trunk) is what? said the phone lines of companies inserted in the internal telephone exchange transaction to the company.

- Trunk flow (E1, T1) is what? instead of individual subscriber telephone lines, one company wishing to trade multiple subscribers can follow the stream (E1: 30 telephone subscribers - 2 signaling channel, T1: 24 telephone subscribers) to communicate in total long.

- Internal subscriber (extension), ext is what? each operator has one mode of internal numbering different subscribers, but focus is: assign one phone number for one individual to the human need to communicate with them, just click the internal phonebook that person. Typically, these types of PABX currently allows a variety of formats (remember 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers) and allows you to change the number as required. Example: Change the number coincides with the number of rooms, change of liking ..

- Transfer (Call transfer) is what? When subscribers call the company phone, listen to the machine front, the objective of the call is a subscriber (such as business, engineering ... could be an internal subscriber or telephone subscribers, including mobile or international subscribers), who is responsible for listening to the call transfer request.

- Forward (redirect called) is what? When wishing to receive not miss any incoming calls, users can redirect calls to another subscriber that you are using (be it internal or subscriber telephone subscribers, including all mobile or international subscribers).

- What is Paging? An unexpected incidents (fires, unexpected meeting, ...) or to widely reported in the range set forth above will be notified of any speaker system from any mobile device that users can access to quickly informed troubleshooting - sound system is emitted (from 1 to be informed of any extension of the PBX system)

- DISA (Direct Inward System Access) is what? Direct Access system enables users subscription access to non-subscribers via reception (What we often encounter when calling a company, a public agency that you hear "thank you was referred to .... ")

- OGM (Outgoing Message) is what? Newsletter and greeting recording is emitted to the user guide for the next-step approach (eg, thank you for calling to Company A, please dial extension number required to meet or click 0 for instructions. thank you)

- Time Service: (time served) is what? Allow installation service time (Day / Night / Lunch) according to the needs. For example, the working time from what time to what time, lunch time from a few hours to a few hours, and overtime work from a few hours to a few hours.

+ When combined with DISA, the Time Service that time each will have separate instructions. For example, outside working hours notice "this time has run out of working hours, working time morning from 8am to 11am start, from 14h to 17h afternoon the day from No. 2 to No. 6 weekly)

- Call ID is what? Show number called.

- What is DECT phone? Mother cradling baby phones Digital

- What is an IP phone? A static IP subscriber number can call one another IP subscribers on the Internet through the transmission line interconnection (Lease line, ISDN, ADSL ...) does not take charges (current trends) and irrespective of borders .

- Indicate console: Displays status / busy internal subscriber

- DND (Do not Disturb - Do Not Disturb): Mode settings busy when the call does not want to handle the case to another (meetings, receptions)

- One Touch Dialing: Mode dial off by preset number when specifying the need to press one button to dial.

- Walking COS (Class of Service): Specifies the service class to subclass users (called intercity, international, mobile ...)

- Door phone / Door Opener function is performed controls the opening and closing or notification content for authorized users through dialog forms (DISA-OGM socks combination, can open the door remotely)

- Hold: Hold a call to process the information, the other end was music emitted by the device.

- Emergency / VIP call: When there is demand, but voice trunks were occupied all, subscribers have this function can interrupt any public trunk to carry their conversations.

- Hot Line / Warm Line: When picked up, the machine will ring designated immediately (Hotline) or ringing after a few seconds (Wrmline) without dialing. Often used for banks (alarm) OSs emergency call, rescue ..

- Call Waiting: 1 telephone conversation was going on, one other call arrives, the listener is notified by tone ringing (tut..tut), meanwhile, the listener can hold is a telephone call, handling incoming calls and then continue the conversation.

- Time reminder: Alarm timer function

- Extension Lock: Locks the local machine is not for others to use with user-generated password.

- UCD (Uniform Call Distribution): Form of distribution ring to computer groups (Group) under the revolving type (Ring) or end (terminate), this function is often used for groups of machines as business groups, investment consulting, bread products, ...)

- Conferrence - conference call: Forms talk / voice conferencing 3-4-5 people by connecting from the telephone exchange system

- Call Pickup: When the subscriber is busy processing a job, the subscriber B can account for the ringing of the telephone subscriber A to handle enables subscribers A. The possibility of the same group as two subscribers.

- Voice mail: System Storage voicemail / voice signals guide

- SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording): Displays call details are recorded through O devices (printer / billing software) to control.

- Battery Backup System UPS (uninterrupted Power System - Power outage protection system) just enough power within 10-30 minutes - with the ability to invest), however, communication systems need at least 8- 12 hours contact, system backup thongBattery support this feature.

- Music (Back Ground Music BGM-): Just think, one call to the internal subscriber played "Happy Birthday" birthday listener will make meaning of life more attractive, this feature is often apply to hotels, or seen in 1080. still stations can perform anywhere.

- Reverse Polarity Detection: polarity reversal feature calls for the system to accurately record SMDR start time and end the call.

- Group continuously: 1 toll transactions for one agency, now that the call to always be received and processed in time through some other machine.

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