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Bach Khoa Viet to introduce you to read the specialized terminology of CCTV security to help you better understand the parameters of the selected type of camera you buy.

- NR: Noise Reduction camera at night, NR can make snow at points on the screen, to make the image clearer.

English terminology NR

- WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is the exposure compensation function when the light conditions at every pixel without equal in anhsang. WDRcon make the day even more beautiful images to observe the image at the position of the low light environment.

English terminology WDR

- ATR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range): Able to adapt low-light environments.

English term ATR

- HLC (High Light Compensation): The cover features bright spot, observers at ease with light position without bang.Chuc HLCcua performance cameras are applications for this type of license plate CCTV ...

HLC English terminology

  - AWB (Auto White Balance): Auto white balance of light.

  - AGC (Auto gaint Control): Automatic gain control.

  - BLC (Backlight Compensation): backlight compensation.

backlight Compensation

  - AES (Auto Shutter electrolic): Automatically surge.

 - Visible Distance: Distance observers

 - Water resistance / water proof: Waterproof

 - Auto IRIS: automatically adjusts lighting

 - Horizontal TV lines: resolution (320-540 TV lines, the larger the picture the scene as quality)

 - Image sensor: Sensor shape (usually 2 sizes 1/3 "and 1/4" sizes larger the image sensor for better image quality)

 - Minimum Illumination: minimum light intensity (measured in LUX)

 - Vandal Proof: Anti-collision

 - Sistance effective IR: Distance operation of infrared

 - IR (Infrared Rays): Infrared

 - Ir Led: Number of infrared lamps

 - CCD Total pixels: The number of pixels (number of pixels large -> sharp images, but will spend a lot of memory due to large image size, affect line speed)

 - Pan / Tilt / Zoom function is turned left / right on the bottom / enlarge / shrink

 - Indoor / outdoor: Cameras placed indoors or outdoors

 - Equivalent focal length lens opening angle (observation):

+ 2.1mm - 138 degrees

+ 2.5mm - 100 degrees

+ 2.8mm - 85 degrees

+ 3.6mm - 79 degrees

+ 4mm - 61 degrees

+ 6mm - 46 degrees

+ 8mm - 34 degrees

+ 12mm - 22 degrees

+ 16mm - 21 degrees

 - Special mornitor: Dedicated to the camera screen, This type of screen is so dedicated service of the management and supervision of the large camera system.

Analog Camera: Most security surveillance cameras are analog - analog. This means that, although digital processing on the video images, but then the transmission of analog video over coaxial cable or transmission cable. Analog advantages - similar as it can be transmitted over long distances and then revert back to the first digital video at the receiving end.

IP Camera: Some cameras transmit video over IP-based networks. It is considered as IP cameras or network cameras. They can be easily integrated into an existing network infrastructure, although the impact on available bandwidth must be analyzed prior to installation. For installations larger security surveillance using IP cameras, should be configured as a separate network bandwidth intensive nature of the IP Camera. There is also a restriction of 100 meters, or 300 feet is limited to a cable transmission network can run.

Auto Iris: This term refers to the ability of a camera to open or close the iris (shutter, shutter) of the lens depends on the lighting conditions. Like the human eye, when exposed to light, the iris (shutter, shutter) closed to keep from being blinded. And in low light conditions, the iris (shutter, shutter) expansion to allow more light to enter as possible. The animation below shows the iris function.

Auto iris

Back Light Compensation - BLC: A good camera is always trying to capture as much as possible details in a scene. Sometimes the light behind the subject is seen, causing the object to appear too dark to recognize. In this case, the camera "compensate" for the lighting conditions and adjusts itself to the object in the foreground and the ball can not be recorded.

CCD: In the eyes of people, this will be the same as the retina. CCD stands for charge coupled device Count. This is the electronic equipment inside the camera detects light and converts into Camer an image is processed and recorded. The picture below shows a typical CCD cameras used in surveillance.

CCD camera

Day / Night Camera: day / night security camera is a camera with the ability to automatically switch between day and night mode operation. A standard sattieu cameras day / night image records with color during the day and use software to filter out infrared light is not desired. At night, the cameras switch to black and white and stop filter out infrared light, if there is enough light at night processing chips will produce color images. This allows you to use infrared lights to provide additional light in dark areas at night. TRUE Day / Night Camera is an advanced camera of the day / night IR Cut Filter used to provide functionality Day / night. Using an IR cut filter allows cameras to produce a cleaner image and brighter throughout the day and night mode.

DNR - Digital Noise Reduction: An inherent problem with all digital video is noise figure (geometry property). The cause of the noise can be varied from scattered light, electronic signal interference signals outside of the camera electronics, .... Because the image noise can be a problem affecting quality, some cameras perform DNR digital noise reduction or DSP to overcome. DNR video processing using an algorithm, first identifying signal and second noise eliminating signal interference. The result is a much clearer images, especially in low light situations, particularly where noise figure annoying problem. For DVR is recording motion event, DNR reduces the incidents of false motion as noise figure can be interpreted as movement in some cases. This can significantly increase the storage capacity of the DVR. (4645).
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