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A secure home demands constant vigil. While security guards are the conventional way to maintain safety and security of a home, many modern homes take help of video door phones that are a wonderful security device. Moreover, video door phones prove to be an economical as well as a reliable proposition as compared to hiring a security guard.

Video door phones are reasonable and easy to use devices that can be installed without any major preparation. Any visitor who comes to the door will have his picture captured through these video door phones and would get beamed on the screen that would be installed inside homes. Main door of the house can be opened to only known people and thus keeping strangers and unwanted visitors at bay. The video door phones offer galore of benefits at affordable prices.

Interestingly, there are also wireless and mobile video door phones available that allow people to carry this device with them during their travel. They can then install these to their hotel or lodging doors and keep a check over who is at their door before opening it. Video door phones also allow two-way communication between the host and the visitor without opening the door at all.

Consider the location of your main door before buying a video door phone. In case the door happens to be exposed to open sky, then go for a waterproof device that would remain immune to rain, sunlight or strong winds. However, if the residence happens to be in apartment building or within other close vicinities, then an ordinary one would do.

Types of Video Door Phones

There are several types of video door phones available in the market that can be selected depending on the type of security required. Some of them include:

Wireless Video Door Phone: This is the common type of devices available in the market. On identification of the visitor on the door, the lock can be released with the help of a remote control thus allowing the entry. These kinds of video door phones are tamper proof as do not carry any wires or cables with them.

LCD Video Door Phone: This device has an LCD screen that can identify the visitor even during night, and despite stark darkness.

Screen Video Door Phone: These devices are similar to wireless door phones except that they have larger screen along with crystal-clear and color display. Some of them also come laced with infrared illuminator that enhances the security of vicinity.

3 Camera Video door phone: This type of device comes with 3 cameras that enable view of visitor from three different angles.

Those who love their families and want them to be safe and secure must get a right kind of video door phone installed at once. After all, safety is the prime concern.

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