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5 First observed when thieves target probe

Most of us may not know that there are others prowling her house every day. Sometimes yourself to doing something to tempt thieves visited. According to research by the public security organs, as thieves they are often targeted search for the following points:

1. These beautiful luxury houses and wooded lot, located in the corners

When someone - be it a visitor, neighbors or thieves - closer to your home, one of the things they will notice first about your premises. Like thieves eyeing the bushes, luxuriant vegetation around the house because thieves can slip into it to avoid detection when approaching the target. If you want to avoid the thieves noticed, be truncated or moved out of the trees in the garden areas away from their homes. Roses in your garden may be envious of the joy the neighbors and they can also be a source of great aroma when you bring them to decorate the house. When thieves see your lovely garden, we can see it as a proof that the owner of the house who have wealth.

2. Thieves love to see the kids playing expensive toys

The kids will probably spend a lot of time playing in the front yard. This is a great way for them to enjoy the fresh air out front. But make sure they bring toys into the house after the game finished. Because thieves will treat children's toys but a criteria for evaluating the wealth of their parents. If the kids dressed and played the expensive toys in the house, the property is also very expensive.

3. The thieves are attracted to the piles of memos

A full mailbox or newspapers piled is a sure sign that was a long time no one at home. Thieves will know enough to target on your house because they know that no one is there to detect them. When you're on vacation, ask a trusted friend or relative to bring it into the pile of memos. This way, the postman will remain as usual. The absence of newspaper delivery boy may hint a thief that you have to cancel the message, but it also means you are not at home.

4. The lamp does not change the state

Even in case you turn on the lights when leaving the house, the remains to the bulb in such a situation for a long time also can show thieves know that no one in the house. A thief that was scouting the neighborhood and saw this kind of house you will immediately target your house at the time when the light bulb did not have one on, off. The best way to not attract attention of thieves is installed automation system houses. The automation system will allow you to be able to control the device in the remote. Lamp module plugged into the device and you can use your smartphone to turn on the light bulb on and off. When you go to work, turn on the switch at lunch or during breaks. Your home will have to be made for it seems there are people at home even when there is none at all.

5. Many thieves will snooping through the living room window worth

If you can see his huge TV outside, thieves can. Not only is the temptation of home entertainment systems expensive, it also indicates that you have a high income. Your home seems to have more than the other furniture or jewelry that thieves can sell for money. Let the TV or gaming device away from windows. Housing arranged so that the eyes can not be seen peering things to see your financial ability. The same goes for home security systems. If you have a device with which to close the window, the thieves can see whether or not the system can be activated from outside. At some point you may forget to activate it and the thief may know it. These thieves will try and implement if they detect thefts that your warning system is not activated. Please avoid encountering this problem completely Smart Connect app on your phone. This application will allow you to enable or interrupt enable theft warning system remotely.

6. Security system of your house

After determining the goal, the thieves will evaluate security systems and the ability to break into a house. We are sure to you, professional thieves with knowledge of the security system is not inferior to any public security experts. Just look at the security system outside your home, we can assess the% break into is how much. If your home is equipped with a perfect security system including CCTV systems and alarm sensors placed around the house, the thieves would just drop it intends intrusion because the risk level is being detected very high. If you have no security system or security system is only fitting to have to scare the thieves stole the professional will know immediately and evaluate the potential target you are to conduct intrusion. 1 system with no visible camera image where the thieves have to worry if you can not see them clearly identified they could.

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