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You have shopping CCTV camera but the picture quality is not to your satisfaction. Are you wondering how to change the camera image quality with low costs spent lag. HD-SDI technology is the solution to remove the weaknesses of the camera image 


Camera HD-SDI provides: 


- High-definition 


The use of CCTV systems desired high definition. Some users only need to look at images clearly observed, some people want a system suitable for high definition television system in their home. 


Bottom line is, the demand for high-definition CCTV systems is increasing and HD-SDI technologies created to meet the needs of the user. 


- Simple 


You are installing an IP camera system, you may need to retrain your staff, dealing with the complex IP network troubleshooting, and negotiating with IT management and security management. 


With HD-SDI you will not see any such incidents, the high-definition video compression with zero latency and no lost frames. So it is a very simple way to meet the growing demand for high-definition camera system 


- Familiar 


Start installing HD-SDI technology, you will be working with familiar technology in cameras, DVR and coaxial cable - totally connected simply because it is an analog system 


You can start using HD-SDI technology with ease, without arcane knowledge, no expensive tests, saving time 


- To meet the requirements 


Depending on customer demand, customers just want to upgrade the technology used HD - SDI in key locations such as the entrance ... but also customers willing to upgrade an HD-SDI system full features. 


Whatever the needs of the customer how HD-SDI technologies are ready to meet easily. 


- Easy to upgrade 


HD-SDI over coax cable operations, any older systems can be upgraded to HD-SDI without the need of rewiring. Therefore, it allows you to upgrade at any time. 


Rewiring for a complete building can be costly or impractical. HD-SDI can now upgrade your clients to 1080p HD 


The trend now is that the quality of product line HD camera. So if you're using a conventional camera system, use the HD-SDI technology.


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