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LUX is derived units are the power light on an area of ​​1m2 .

This parameter tells us the minimum light intensity sensor light that the camera can recognize the color between objects . In terms of magnitude smaller light intensity smallest camera feel, we have installed more lights to increase light intensity , or if fitted with infrared lights which support infrared camera, or rather with the camera 's minimum illumination intensity less than or we replace it with another infrared camera can be observed .

The ability of the camera to observe in certain light conditions when observed with light areas different, a parameter that we need to pay attention is : called Minimum Illumination : minimum light intensity usually is calculated by Lux.

Some examples of the intensity of natural light :

Sunlight per day is in the range of illuminance 32,000 ( 32 KLX ) to 100,000 lux ( KLX 100 ) ;

The television studio is illuminated with illumination of 1,000 lux ( 1 KLX ) ;

A bright office has about 400 lux illuminance ;

At the time of sunset and sunrise , outdoor lighting also has an illuminance of 400 lux ( sky blue ) ;

The reflected light from the moon is about 1 lux illumination ;

Light from the star is approximately 0.00005 lux illuminance ( μlx = 50 ) ; ....

Some CCTV Auto Iris function ( automatic light adjustment ) . Camera Features of this kind is only one small light source , it can automatically amplify it up to the light can be observed .

So when choosing CCTV we need more or less attention to this parameter to obtain the best picture!

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