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If you are looking for a simple camera installation - true image clarity - ensuring aesthetic - high efficiency ... then the Camera and Recorder EOBON wifi WIFI KIT is the solution meets all asking you to make. Installation operations and assembly is simple, compact design, beautiful white suit and fitted for modern apartments, durable performance. This is the product that you are looking for a long time.
Who to use: Families need to install anti-theft camera or monitor children, corporate and store managers need to monitor employees work seriously, the factory staff monitoring, anti-theft Classified or lazy ... very effective.
Wifi Camera Uses: Anti-theft 24/24, observing remote employees, has motivated employees to work better, to ensure security and can easily be seen from far away ... Especially red light cameras foreign observers should be able to easy night, the image receiver so you can review at any time, centralized data management incoherent as the wifi cameras use different memory cards. A striking feature of IP camera customers EOBON technology favored by area alarm. When there is an intruder in your home, the camera will take pictures and send to email that person to your alarm. So any pictures of the intruder will be recorded and you will know immediately when there is an intruder.

bộ camera không dây eobon
Salient features
- Using cloud computing technology advanced
- No installation, wiring, burner, domain
- Observe and record video remotely from anywhere and at any time as long as there is internet
- Easy to install, easy to use even those who are not proficient in camera can also install
- WIFI Wireless Connection
- Support infrared eyes clear view both day and night
- Support for viewing on PCs and other mobile devices
- 2-way audio allows remote Parking
+ Brand: EOBON
+ Colour: White
+ Installation instructions: Free guide and installation connections
+ Support for SATA hard drive up to 4TB internal
+ Connected to 4 cameras via WiFi wireless station at a distance of up to 80M.
+ With 4 Eye camera comes with a resolution of 2.0 Mp 
+ Metal material, water resistant
+ Getting wifi distances up to 80M, can get through the three layers wifi wall (maximum distance 30m)
+ Automatically connect, simple installation
+ Yes HDMI attached directly to the TV, VGA monitor connection Computers
+ LAN port internal LAN connection, 2 USB attached mouse, USB and supports SATA hard drive to store data up to 4T camera
+ Using cloud computing technology advanced, helping the recorder connected to a stable 4 WIFI Camera Eye
+ Use your phone, tablet, camera Computer monitor via the internet without the need of hosting, domains or IP's free

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Modular products include
4 x camera wifi
1 x DVR
1 x manual
1 x mouse
1 x warranty card
1 x HDD
>>> To order the Ministry of 4 cameras and recorders wifi WIFI KIT EOBON you can order directly on the website bachkhoaviet.com system. We will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible or go directly to the store.

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